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MELBOURNE CHARCOAL Supplier of Pure Chemical Free Lump Charcoals. BBQ Smoker Wood Chips Woodchips CHERRY RUB  CHERRY LOGS  Chunks: Apple Apricot Aprium Cherry Peach Plum Tea Tree. Sawdusts. CONVICT RUB  HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN  Shakers  Smoked Sea Salt Seasoning. Mo's Smoking Pouch - works better than a Smoker Box.  
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 We supply to Restaurants, Shops & the Public via our online wholesale prices. All of our Smoking Woods are Local, Pure, Natural, and Chemical Free.  

How to BBQ Smoke is Easy, We'll Show You How!  Smoke marinading your meat adds much more flavour than any smoked BBQ sauce can.
Cash pickup of sms/email orders avail from our new Carrum Downs Factory by appointment: call Terry 0431 210 997

Are you fed up with only finding Hickory, Mesquite and other expensive corporate smoking products for your BBQ ? We have the answer. WE are producing a fresh variety of Australian BBQ Smoking products in Australia and can manufacture to your requirements.
When you go to a shop for BBQ smoking Sawdust, Woodchips, Chunks, or Charcoal, ask:- " But... Where's the Aussie stuff mate? "
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                        LATEST BBQ SMOKING NEWS

- SPECIALS Category added to our Online Store for discounted BBQ & Smoker Products.
- 08/09/16 Our new Sweet and Savoury CHERRY RUB is now available !
 -18/07/16 New 250g, 1/2kg and 1kg CHERRY SMOKED AUSSIE ROCK SEA SALT available.
 13/06/16 World 1st YELLOW BOX CHARCOAL is currently being cooked and will be available soon.  Smoldering Yellow Box Wood Chunks on Charcoal creates tasty caramel smoke marinading for Lamb, now you can use Charcoal from that same hardwood Honey Tree to grill Lamb Skewers and use in Spits!  
- 01/06/16 New Product: Cherry Smoked Pure Australian See Salt in Grinders for $10 !
- 26/05/16 10kg Mallee Root and Gidgee Lump Charcoal Bags are now available.
- 15/04/16 New Products: MHS Smoked Beer Hot Sauce & our Cherry Smoked Sea Salt.
- 07/04/16 New Product: SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN RUB - a mild sweet Family friendly version of our famous HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN.  For the best Pulled Pork and Ribs!
- 27/03/16 New Product: CHERRY SMOKER LOGS @6/kg ! 
- 08/03/16 Introducing a World 1st: SWEET CHIPS. The sweetest BBQ Smoker Wood Chips ever produced. We used rare Aprium Apricot/Plum Hybrid to make SWEET CHIPS.
- 17/02/16 It's time for a SPECIAL. Our huge 5kg Bags of GREY BOX, RED BOX, IRONBARK & RED GUM Sawdusts are now on Special for $30. Toss on coals for lots of short term smoke, or bury a small mound of hot coals for 1 hr of Cold Smoking of meats prior to Hot Smoking. Cold Smoke fully penetrates meat.

- 20/1/16 New Product: PRE-SMOKED CHERRY CHIPS - for Distilling & flavouring Whiskey 
- 16/01/16 The long awaited truckload of our ashless Murrumbidgee River Red Gum pure Lump Charcoal has arrived. Cash pickups are welcome  by appointment.  
26/10/15 New Product: Mo's Smoking Pouch for Chips, Pellets, Sawdust or our Crushed Walnut Shells. Simply fill with 1.5 cups and place on top or vertically in Gas BBQ Grill, easy refill. Use instead of Smoking Box or aluminium tin foil Burrito.
- 10/08/15 Coarse Apple Sawdust for The Smoking Gun etc. is back in stock. We stock Apple, Cherry & Red Gum Coarse Sawdust.
- 18/7/15 MHS Smoked Jalapeno Hot Sauce won 2nd place in the 'Mild Hot Sauce' category today at the WORLD HOT SAUCE AWARDS in Louisiana! Congrats Mate. We stock the 150ml bottle for $8 in our Store: Smoked BBQ Sauce section.
ter smoke marinade flavour than Apricot or Plum. 
- 03/6/15 Our Quality Glass Grinder Mills are on sale for $8 each.
- 19/5/15 We now stock the famous Original LOOFTLIGHTER Charcoal starter!
- 13/4/15 APRICOT WOOD CHIPS are now avail for the sweetest Spare Ribs!

AussieBBQSmoke  Mission  Statement:-
We sincerely strive to produce high quality pure Australian wood based BBQ smoking products for our customers, at a fair price, that all "Back Yard BBQ'ers" can afford. The BBQ chef gets much satisfaction, and feels great pride, in producing BBQ smoked meats, to the delight of their many friends who are constantly amazed at what exquisite flavours Australian woods can add to a meal. AussieBBQSmoke believe that we have some of the best BBQ Smoking Woods and Lump Charcoals available in the world, right here, where we live and BBQ, and we encourage Aussies to experiment and use Australian BBQ smoking products, INSTEAD of the more expensive imported kiln dried smoking items that lack the real flavours of our sun dried local smoking woods. 
It’s time for Australians to BBQ with our own Aussie woods  oi oi !  
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