This rapidly growing online Business based in Melb, was started from Home in 2012 by Terry, an experienced and innovative BBQ smoker enthusiast with over 30yrs smoking experience. He has taken on a personal Mission to manufacture and promote Australian BBQ Smoking Woods, in opposition to the kiln dried flavourless expensive imported Smoking woods currently available in the shops that you have to soak because they catch fire like balsa wood.

Terry sources and cuts down all our Fruit woods and slowly air dries them naturally for 1-2yrs so they are full of flavour.

We have grown and are now in our own large Warehouse at 58 Frankston Gardens Dr. Carrum Downs 3201.
Pickups available Mon-Fri 8-5. Sat 8-4.
All of our Smoking Woods and Lump Charcoals are Pure, Natural, and Chemical Free. We have also introduced a new Aussie LownSlow coal into the BBQ Smoker market: IRONBARK CHARCOAL !   
We have many fantastic & tasty BBQ Smoking Woods that are grown in Australia that we can use in our BBQ's, there is absolutely no need to buy imported products. The Australian Wood Matrix Chart on our Homepage has 72 woods classified, The U.S. has about 47 - We Win!
Terry created this site to offer quality Australian smoking products, at low prices to the public, in an effort to encourage Aussies to try, and experiment with different local BBQ Smoking Woods.
Shops have brought their prices down since we started, as they were all charging $20/kg for Wood Chips & Chunks. 

It is our earnest desire to promote Australian Wood BBQ smoke, and wean Aussies from the American stranglehold that BBQ shops are committed to, because of corporate supplier's contracts. We supply Restaurants, BBQ Shops and the Public.
We also offer our Aussie Rubs, Smoked Chilli's, GUNPOWDER Activated Charcoal Rub, Smoked Salts, Lumberjack Bulk BBQ Pellets, Pink Butcher Smoking Paper, The Australian Meat Injector Kit, MOIST Hydration Salt Injection, MOIST MEAT BOMB, Prague #1 Pink curing salt,  FIRE ROD Electric Charcoal Starter etc..
We all here at AussieBBQSmoke take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a secure environment to shop.
​No more Hickory or Mesquite!!  Free yourself! Try a few Aussie Smoking woods, we are sure you won't go back to Hickory.
Smolder a couple Yellow Box Chunks for Lamb - Fantastic!

The environment is everyone's concern, however much misinformation is circulated regarding burning wood. Firewood is not a fossil fuel - it emits the same amount of greenhouse gases whether burnt or left to rot on the forest floor.

AussieBBQSmoke  Mission  Statement:- 
We sincerely strive to produce high quality pure Australian wood based BBQ smoking products for our customers, at a fair price, that all "Back Yard BBQ'ers" can afford. The BBQ chef gets much satisfaction, and feels great pride, in producing BBQ smoked meats, to the delight of their many friends who are constantly amazed at what exquisite flavours Australian woods can add to a meal. AussieBBQSmoke believe that we have some of the best BBQ Smoking Woods and Lump Charcoals available in the world, right here, where we live and BBQ, and we encourage Aussies to experiment and use Australian BBQ smoking products, INSTEAD of the more expensive imported kiln dried smoking items that lack the real flavours of our sun dried local smoking woods.  
It’s time for Australians to BBQ with our own Aussie woods  oi oi !