- 20/02/18 We now offer BLACK SHIELD EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DISPOSABLE NITRILE GLOVES  10 Boxes of 100 ($18+GST=$19.80/Box). 1 Box $20=GST=$22/Box.
- 13/02/18 10kg APPLE WOOD CHIPS & 10kg BOX of APPLE LOGS back in stock!
- 21/01/18 New!  AMERICAN PORK SAUSAGE SPICE If you have been to the U.S. and miss American Pork Sausage that is served at breakfast with Pancakes & Maple Syrup, you can now eat them here as we have perfected the Recipe for us all to enjoy the same great sweet sausage here in Aus!

​- 02/01/18 New DUAL LASER INFRARED THERMOMETER -50°C TO 1202℉ 650℃, Check Smoker Temps easily.
- Try The 3 Day Steak Dry Brining Method to age steak, with any of our great Smoked Aussie Salts! Then Smoke & Reverse Sear it. 
​- 29/11/17 See Jason's test of our new IRONBARK Lump Charcoal, scroll to bottom of Page: CUSTOMER COOK-UPS 
- LOOFTLIGHTERs are now being sold for $140? Buy 4 of our HEAT GUNS for that price. No need to hold button down, 2 settings. 
- 14/10/17 NEW IRONBARK PURE LUMP CHARCOAL is now available! Great for long LownSlow smoking in  BBQ SMOKERS.
- 02/10/17  Our SMOKING BARREL Pellet Cold Smoker and our 100% RED GUM PELLETS  IRONBARK PELLETS  ROSEMARY & RED GUM PELLETS are back!
- Our Gunpowder Rub is fine enough to dissolve in beef broth and be injected through a marinade needle for a fantastic peppery char flavour throughout a Beef Brisket !
- 24/08/17 Our long awaited container of Oren's Pink Butcher Paper aka Peach Paper is here! We have 150' & 1,000'  Rolls available. 
-  07/08/17 We now offer Delivery around Melb of min 10 bags of our Murrumbidgee River Red Gum Lump Charcoal for $5-$10 per bag dependent on distance from us in Carrum Downs. Email us for a quote. 
​- 29/07/17 New solid quality stainless steel Rib Racks now available.
- 28/07/17 New Bulk BBQ Smoker Wood Logs now available for pickup: 200KG BULKA BAG OF AUSTRALIAN OAK LOGS
- 20/07/17  New Fine WOOD CHIPS for Cold Smoker Machines, Fish Smokers, Wok Smoking, Smoking in Chef oven cooking pans, Smoker Boxes etc: FINE AUSTRALIAN OAK WOOD CHIPS & FINE RED GUM WOOD CHIPS. available in 1-10kg bgs.
- 1/7/17 We have just purchased a large Forest of Ironbark trees and will be producing Ironbark Pure Lump Charcoal late Aug 2017 !!
​- New Arrivals from the U.S.:  Crushed Juniper Berries  Black Hawaiian Activated Charcoal Sea Salt   Hungarian Smoked Sweet Paprika
- 22/05/17 We now  offer Prague #1 Powder Pink Curing Salt.
- 12/05/17 10kg BOX OF CHERRY & APPLE LOGS added to our online Store.
- NEW PRODUCT:  GUNPOWDER: SMOKEY ACTIVATED CHARCOAL PEPPER SALT  It is Fine ground and comes out small Shaker holes, shake it generously on meats and Seafood for instant Char Grilled Smokey BBQ Flavour!
- 02/02/17 We now stock rare WESTERN RED IRONBARK BBQ SMOKER LOGS from the Pilliga State Forest in northern NSW. Heavy dense very long lasting tasty smoke for all meats. perfect for large offset Smokers. 10 & 20kg boxes available. Cash pickups avail from Carrum Downs by appt. 
- 21/01/17 NEW SMOKER SAWDUST:  HUNGARIAN SMOKER SAWDUST - creates Golden coloured smoked meats. We also offer HUNGARIAN SMOKER CORN for stronger Golden smoke colour.
- 18/01/17 New MAPLE CAJUN RUB is now available. Made with pure Dehydrated Canadian Maple Syrup and spicy Cajun seasoning.
- 11/1/17 Current Project is making RED IRONBARK Charcoal. Ironbark is impossible to find but we have found a semi trailer of it and will be cooking it into a World 1st ! Ironbark wood is good smoke flavour for any meat and is used by many Smoking Restaurants, imagine how good char grilled meats will taste.
- 13/10/16 New Product: PERMANENT PINE BARK Baby Red Gum Charcoal. Use as BIOCHAR for soil conditioner, or in Pots or as Landscaping Ground Cover Pebbles. Now weeds come through it!
​- 28/12/16 New Product:-  Ironbark Wood Chips - great smoke flavour for anything. Most Smoker Restaurants use Ironbark.
- 21/12/16 New 5kg Charcoal BBQ Smoker Starter Pack contains Charcoal, 2 Rubs, 2 x 1kg Chunks, and Cherry Smoked Salt.
- 13/11/16 New Non Stick Grill Topper Smoker Trays now available in our online Store in BBQ Accessories section.
- 25/10/16 New LOWnSLOW Super Smoked Star Anise WOOD SMOKED PORK SALT is ready.
- 22/10/16 10kg BOX OF AUSTRALIAN OAK  and 10kg BOX OF RED GUM BBQ SMOKER LOGS now available.
- 08/10/16  New LOWnSLOW Super Smoked CHERRY WOOD SMOKED SALT is ready.
- 08/09/16 Our new Sweet and Savoury CHERRY RUB is now available !
- SPECIALS Category added to our Online Store for discounted BBQ & Smoker Products.
- 26/05/16 10kg Mallee Root and Gidgee Lump Charcoal Bags are now available.
- 07/04/16 New Product: SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN RUB - a mild sweet Family friendly version of our famous HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN. 
- 08/03/16 Introducing a World 1st: SWEET CHIPS. The sweetest BBQ Smoker Wood Chips ever produced. We used rare Aprium Apricot/Plum Hybrid to make SWEET CHIPS.
- 17/02/16 It's time for a SPECIAL. Our huge 5kg Bags of GREY BOX, RED BOX, IRONBARK & RED GUM Sawdusts are now on Special for $30. Toss on coals for lots of short term smoke, or bury a small mound of hot coals for 1 hr of Cold Smoking of meats prior to Hot Smoking. Cold Smoke fully penetrates meat.
- 26/10/15 New Product: Mo's Smoking Pouch for Chips, Pellets, Sawdust or our Crushed Walnut Shells. Simply fill with 1.5 cups and place on top or vertically in Gas BBQ Grill, easy refill. Use instead of Smoking Box or aluminium tin foil Burrito.