BUSY MAN BEER BRISKET TECHNIQUE - using a Pellet Smoker. Smoke overnight, Boat all day, ready after work.
The simplest 100% success rate method to cook a Brisket for Sunday Lunch, or for Dinner after work.. 

Sat 8pm Prep & Inject Brisket:

- Prep a Brisket by trimming of all fat and silver skin off the Brisket underside, this will become our Top.
- Trim any thick chunks of fat off the Fat Cap, leave lots on as this will be our Underside and most fat will simply melt and drip off.
- Mix up 2/3 cup MOIST MEAT BOMB powder with 4-5 cups liquid. I mix 50% VB Beer and 50% water to make the beer flat, as a frothy liquid doesn't draw up the Injector needle. You can taste the Hops in the meat. Craft Beers would give even more flavour. If using your own Marinade liquid, use plain MOIST Hydration salts so the Beefy flavour of Moist Meat Bomb doesn't affect your flavour profile. 
- Inject the meat evenly from all sides at a slight horizontal angle with our thin 14G 6” Needle. Stick needle all the way into meat and squeeze trigger on the way out to fill the trench, don't make pools or bubbles of liquid as it will cook unevenly.
- Coat meat in a spicy Rub like our BOURBON BBQ RUB. 
- Then cover meat with DALMATION RUB, this 2nd layer creates crunchy Bark. The sweet Blossom Qld Salt Flakes & Hot fresh Cracked Hot Cambodian Pepper produce a well balanced flavoured black Bark that you will need a serrated knife to slice it up.

Sat 9pm Smoke Brisket:
- For additional smoke flavour, fill our SMOKING BARREL with TENNESSEE RED OAK or LUMBERJACK 100% HICKORY or LUMBERJACK 100% OAK PELLETS (some Pellet Blends go out, Tubes need 100% hardwood Pellets). Stand Barrel vertical and start with a Blowtorch and let burn for 2 mins then place horizontal at back of Smoker for 6hrs of extra smoke.
- Put Brisket in Pellet Smoker on our FROGMAT non stick smoker mesh for less cleaning later.
- Turn Smoker on to 107C or similar and check the Brisket tomorrow morning.

Sun 7am Make a Brisket Boat:
- Melt 6 Beef Cubes in 8 cups hot water and pour in a large Tinfoil Tray.
​- Put on THERMAL INNER GLOVES, slide our XL BLACK NITRILE GLOVES over them. Now you can safely handle hot meat.
- Place Brisket in Broth Tray like an Island and cover with tinfoil, loosely crimped around edges. Tightly crimping the tinfoil cover may steam your crunchy Bark.
- Put in house oven at 120C for Lunch, or 100C for Dinner. If Brisket hits 96C internal cooked temp early, turn oven down to 90C and leave it for up to 24hrs! That’s how Restaurants serve Hot Brisket over 1-2 days.
- When 96C internal, turn oven off and rest for 30-60 mins, then Serve.