Jay's TurDucken. It is a semi-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck that’s stuffed with a de-boned chicken, each surrounded by stuffing. Aprium or Plum Chunks are a great smoke marinade for it. Get one in Melb. for approx $120 delivered from Castricum Meats.

Ham cooking with APPLE CHUNKS on coals in Lynden's Kamado

Mike P. smoked some great Ribs on THE BOSS'S CHUNKS COMBO FOR PORK
He sprinkled GUNPOWDER on for extra char grilled flavour.

Jason C. tested our new IRONBARK Lump Charcoal Nov 2017:-
​"New coals take a lil longer to get going but once they are hot they are super hot, burn clean and efficiently and maintain heat better than most other charcoal I’ve used. Unlike other charcoals, IRONBARK doesn’t have a vicious heat spike, It has a really even temp curve which makes it really easy to use and control. Matched with Aussie BBQ Smoke Oak logs with a little Peach wood produced an amazing smell.
I fired the pit up around 2am and had my brisket on by 3. I will throw a couple of racks of ribs and a chook on later. My plan is to hold a constant 275 throughout the cook. The coal held temp extremely well, I had to back off to 225f as the weather warmed up. The brisket was finished in 11.5 hrs whole chicken was 5 hrs and ribs took 4.5 Added a handful of coals every 1.5 hrs".

Kenny’s CONVICT RUB CHICKEN Smoked with CHERRY CHUNKS on Mallee Root charcoal. "Probably the best chicken we have done." The smoke flavour through the chicken was aromatic and you could definitely taste a difference using MR charcoal and the cherry wood (2 Chunks). Loved the CR rub. A great range of flavours with a slight and not overpowering kick at the end. All done on the Big Green Egg.

​Captain Jack's Goat leg and shoulder smoked on our Australian Oak and Cherry Chunks! "Bloody ripper". He told his vegetarian girlfriend that the Goat was vegetarian so she tried some, and Loved it!

​​Adam H. - Pulled Pork 18 hrs low & slow smoked with CHERRY CHIPS on coals.

Tested The new Bunnings $699 PIT BOSS Pellet Cooker overnight with our LUMBERJACK COMPETITION Pellets, after burning out at 570F the day before. Used 1/3 40lb bag Pellets in 18hrs.
Turned a 9kg Costco (Wingham Beef Exports) 2 Marble Black Angus $8.99/kg Brisket into a 7+ Marble Brisket by injecting it with ½ cup MOIST shaken with 2 cups red wine & 2 cups Woolies Campbells Real Beef Stock liquid.
Marbling is fatty juicy moisture but is expensive, use our MOIST to upgrade your marbling instead! Why pay for fatty marble grains in beef?
Covered it in our HOTnSMOKEY CAJUN, topped with GUNPOWDER Rub.
6pm started Smoker on Low setting (150F/65C) for 2 hrs to infuse smoke flavour into meat before it seals, then upped it to next setting 200F/90C and left it for 14hrs.
8am Took out. The thin Flat was 205F/96C, thick Point was 165F/77C, wrapped 3 ply Pink Butcher Paper around Flat and single ply over Point, bound package with string. Refilled Pellet Hopper & put back in Smoker at 5th Setting 280F140C.
Turned Smoker off and let the package Rest in there for 1hr. The fat rendered out well over the efficient angled drainage plate and ½ filled the drip can. Beef had 79.4% juicy M
oisture Content!

The Boss's 2018 Labour Day wknd cookup for 50:
1)Fri 6pm: 8kg Costco $8.99/kg Brisket injected with Sarsparilla, covered with our SweetnSmokey Cajun & Gunpowder Rubs.  We will soon offer that 100ml Injector Gun.. Smoked hanging in Pit Barrel Smoker Fri 6pm-11pm to render fat out till int temp 160F/71C, then wrapped it in Pink Butcher Paper and placed in elec oven at 100C in large deep tinfoil tray till Sat 4pm, int temp 205F/96C, then put wrapped meat back in Smoker 1hr, rested 1 hr, served Sat 6pm, gone in 5 mins!. Used Aus Oak and Apple Chunks smoldering on Red Gum Charcoal. Tried out the new sexy Black Shield Gloves.

2) Sat 8am: Tasman $4.50/kg Porks 5 x 2kg injected with Tawny Port, covered in our Maple Cajun Rub. Smoked with Peach Chunks smoldering on Ironbark Charcoal. Wrapped individually in Paper at 170F/77C 2pm and put in elec oven at 200C till 6pm 201F/94C, rested 1 hr, served 7pm.

3) Aus Salmon stuffed with Aus Prawns & Crab Meat marinated in olive oil, garlic & Gunpowder, covered in Lime slices, Convict Rub & Hungarian Smoked Sweet Paprika. Wrapped in Paper and placed on top shelf of Oil Tank Smoker 3hrs, smokes through the paper and the wrapped fish won't contaminate your Pit, smoked next to Pork no prob.

​Mark's test of our YELLOW BOX CHUNKS  on a 1.6Kg boned rolled shoulder of lamb:
I rubbed the lamb with rosemary leaves, whole mustard seeds, ground black pepper, paprika, salt, ground bay leaves, garlic, and olive oil, and put it in the Pro Q Frontier loaded with about 4/5 of a Heat Beads Charcoasl chimney of Mallee S&B. Starting temp (with the lamb in, as I was in a bit of a rush) was 160c (measured at bottom rack level about 10cm away from the meat). I left the butchers' netting on, as it's normally rated up to about 230c. I originally put a chunk of Yellow Box in when I poured the charcoal into the charcoal basket, but it produced heaps of smoke, so I took it out, adjusted the vents to 5/6th closed (top was 2/3 closed), and waited until the temp came down to 120c, then put the chunk back in. What an amazing, toasty caramel smell!
It took about 1:50 for the internal lamb temp to get to 38c, then I pulled it off the heat (expecting it to coast up to about 43c) and set-up the smoker for searing. I pulled the butchers' netting off and seared over the direct heat until it was a nice, dark brown all over, then served with a dipping sauce of chopped parsley, olive oil, salt, lemon juice, lemon zest, and a few dashes of habanero sauce. It was hands-down one of the best things I've ever eaten (and I've eaten far and wide). Just about every mouthful, I said "This is so GOOD!". The yellow box smoke on the lamb is an absolute knockout! 
When I went back out onto the balcony after dinner, there were two embers still glowing and a decent amount of the one yellow box chunk left, so I put the chunk on the embers and sat there taking-in the amazing smell of the yellow box until the embers turned to ash.

Fresh Snapper, Blue Grenadier, Swordfish cutlet, sprinkled with our Smoked Himalayan Salt, smoked 2 hrs at 200F with Red Box and sweet Aprium Wood. Fish easily turned over by hand after 1 hr, as paper not too hot to handle.
N.B. Will take out after 60-90 mins next time as a bit overcooked. Should have sprayed paper with canola oil or brushed with olive oil, to prevent fish sticking to paper, although this enabled the easy removal of the skin as it all stuck to the paper. The cheap Blue Grenadier was my favourite, very moist and smokey, the  snake skin stuck to the paper, a fork easily slid the pure white flesh off the skin! The Snapper and Swordfish were smokey but a little dry. Served with lime juice and more smoked Himalayan salt.

Pauly's GUNPOWDER CHIMNEY STEAKS: prepared in Sous Vide (vacuum bag boiled) 2hrs 56c, then sprinkled generously with our GUNPOWDER: SMOKEY ​CHARCOAL PEPPER SALT RUB, and reverse seared for a few mins on a Charcoal Chimney. Brilliant !
Use our Gunpowder Rub to easily simulate the exquisite flavour of smoking Meats or Fish over charcoal. 

The Boss's 1st BEEF FATTY with lean beef & turkey mince, smoked with Cherry Chunks smoldered on Murrumbidgee River Red Gum Charcoal in the old Weber. HotnSmokey Cajun was sprinkled on the filling of bacon bits, onion, garlic, jalapenos, our Cherry Smoked Sea Salt, cracked pepper, spinach leaves, & cheese. The Bark was made by a heavy coat of our SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN Rub.

MOUNTAIN MICK's Stuffed Burgers smoked with Ironbark Wood Chips in a Hark Gas cabinet smoker. Won 2nd Place in Qld Smoker Comp.

Mark's Rib Fest instructions:
1. Purchase Quality Aussiebbqsmoke.com products: RE GUM LUMP CHARCOAL & CHERRY CHUNKS.
2. Trim the ribs, coat in veggie oil, sprinkle rub on, wrap in plastic, and refrigerate for three hours. Crack a beer. When done, take out of fridge and let them get to room temperature
3. Crack a beer. Fill the smoker charcoal basket, half-fill the Charcoal Chimney, shove three scrunched-up balls of newspaper under the chimney, light using a match, and when ashed-over, sprinkle over unlit charcoal in basket (Minion method), and re-assemble smoker
4. Mount ribs on rib racks
5. Enjoy a beer or two whilst waiting for temp to stabilise - 115 is close enough to 110. Put ribs in. I threw in a couple of cherry wood chunks at this point, but next time, I'll add them to the charcoal bed and wait till they start smoking before I put the ribs in. The smoke lasted about half an hour. Next time, I'll add another couple of chunks to give them a full hour of smoking
6. Six hours later, they're ready to paint with home-made bbq sauce and caramelise for about 30 seconds directly over the charcoal bed
7. Still plenty of charcoal left (didn't have to re-load), and it perked-up to red hot in no time - perfect to finish the ribs on
8. The finished product - after my hungry guests had helped themselves to a few racks!
9. Smoke ring money shot!

Customer Sara just finished smoking a big batch of Jerky seasoned with our Convict Rub, and smoked on soaked Apple and Cherry Chips in the Hark. They really love CONVICT RUB!

​Jacob C. successfully cooked his first Beef Brisket in a vertical Hark Gas Smoker with Yellow Box Chunks, after following our Smoking Techniques Page: Tip #27.  "The Brisket turned out amazing, it could be the best beef I've ever cooked. Keep up the good work helping out keen amateurs like myself! Pushing the smoker tray back, and using Chunks worked great."

These tasty "veal" schnitzels had the little dears finally eatlng, and enjoying, Sambar Deer slices! Each child had 3-4 schnitzels. Don't tell them they weren't veal..
- Slice venison cross grain into thin slices.
- Brine and submerge slices in 1/3 cup MOIST MEAT BOMB flavoured hydration salts and 2 cups water, for 24hrs in the fridge.
- Drain off the brine.
- Hammer or use rolling pin to tenderize and flatten slices.
- Coat the now super tender & moist slices with flour.
- Dip in egg.
- Cover in bread crumbs mixed with our SweetnSmokey Cajun Rub and Cherry Smoked Salt.
- Put in fridge for 20 mins to set and tighten the coating onto the meat.
- Shallow pan fry 1 min each side in olive oil.

Make any lean dry Game Meats tender and moist by brining slices, or injecting chunks with MOIST MEAT BOMB!

The Boss tried the Comp Rib Brining technique above, in THE BRINER BAG with MOIST MEAT BOMB and found it cut cooking time in half. The plump moist Ribs were smoked in just 3 hrs!  3/2/1 Method - 3 = 3hrs!

We used our Maple Cajun Rub, and finished them with a brush of Kosmos Rib Glaze.
Smoked in Pit Boss Pellet cooker at 70c Low setting for 30 mins to 'cold smoke', then at 110c for 1.5hrs, and 120c for last hr.
The soft tender meat easily pulled off the bone. Brining accelerated the cooking process.

The Boss's Beef Brisket Boat method:-
Had a party planned Sat so bought a 9kg $83 Costco Angus Brisket and tried the Boat method, the results were incredible.
Had to cut this huge chunk into 2 to cook. Started River Red Gum Charcoalin Smoker Fri 6pm in 2 mins with our Heat Gun, injected Brisket with Beef Broth and covered it with our HotnSmokey Cajun Rub and lotsa Gunpowder: Smokey Charcoal Pepper Salt Rub, placed in Smoker with a few Apple and Aus Oak Chunks smoldering on the coals, smoked for 6hrs at 200f.
Brought it inside at midnight and sat in large deep tinfoil tray 1/2 submerged in beef broth with another tinfoil tray sitting on top as a loose crimped lid, to let steam out so Bark stays crisp. Simmered 17hrs in oven at 100F until 5pm, rested 1hr. Served at 6pm. Slices were pull apart tender, could even tear off chunks with tongs. all 9kgs disappeared in 15mins, no leftovers!

Captain Jack's Smoked Kangaroo steak with Convict Rub Smokey, Blue Cheese, and Home Brew Beer...Nice. ​

Blain's YELLOW BOX BRISKET: Yellow Box Chunks smoldering in a GAS BBQ using one jet burner away from the meat.
Temperature around 120c. Cooking time 12 hours. 2.7kg Beef Brisket. Marinated for 24hours.
End result was the best flavour/texture of any beef steak ever. The smoke taste was amazing, not overpowering, will be using this method again. Picture 1 @ 7 hours in.  Picture 2 @ end result.

Stuart B. Beef Shorties covered in CONVICT RUB and smoked with Apple Chunks on IRONBARK Charcoal

Check out Brett's Melb inner city BBQ Smoking with Red Gum Wood Chips in a Smoker Box on a gas burner.
​We have been assured that the cat's Bungee cord is a safe length.
Brett:- "The red gum is simply amazing with pork. I started late (4pm) so couldn't draw it out for pulled pork, but catching the smoke infused juices and using them on the veggies and then the gravy was divine. I would spend 5 hours just to get another potato like this! :D"

Campfire cooking with our Rubs. The steak was covered in Convict Rub Smokey, the spuds were sprinkled with Smokey Chilli Lime Salt. Cherry Rub was used on fried Ham steaks. The Smokey Chilli Lemon Pepper was used on baked potatoes with sour cream. Fresh caught fish were cooked in tinfoil with Smokey Chilli Lime Salt and butter. A large Swedish Fire Log was cut up from a big dry log and used for cooking & heating.

Kerr hot smoked 'Bone in' Beef Brisket covered in CONVICT RUB 8hrs with RED BOX & CHERRY CHUNKS on Mallee Root Lump Charcoal.

For the tastiest and most tender pull apart Beef Brisket, try cousin Todd’s Method:
Summary: Shake Rubs all over meat, inject with packaged Beef Broth or mix Stock cubes in hot water, Smoke lownslow all day, bring inside and put in covered steel casserole oven pan ½ submerged in broth and simmer overnight at 225F. Serve for lunch in fresh bread rolls with coleslaw and our MHS Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

1. Remove 4-5 kg Brisket from bag, rinse off and pat dry with paper towel.
2. Apply generous amount of our SweetnSmokey Cajun & some Cherry Rub to the non-fat cap side of the brisket.
3. Turn over with fat cap up.
4. Using a meat injector, carefully inject Beef Broth into the meat; every 2-3 square inches. Be sure to go slow and extract the needle as you inject the broth, so it doesn’t spurt back at you!. 
5. Lightly pat dry any juice that has run out.
6. Apply generous amount of Rubs to this side of the meat.
7. Smoke lownslow around 200-250F for approx 8-10 hours. Use Apple & Cherry Chunks smoldering on coals, or Apple and Cherry Wood Chips for a Gas or Electric Smoker. Apple smoke makes meat moist and Cherry adds sweetness.
8. After smoking is done, bring it inside and place Brisket in a steel covered roasting pan, add more Beef Broth around meat so it is ½ way up the sides, don’t get any on the nice bark top surface.
9. With the cover loosely on the roasting pan or with lid vent open, roast at 225F degrees in oven for a minimum of 8 hours. Go as long as 15 as it only makes it taste better. Do not remove the cover!
      N.B. Ensure the lid will allow some steam out otherwise the steam may soften the smoked crust.
10. Remove from oven and leave lid on for up to 30 minutes before opening.
11. Slice the brisket across the grain.
12. Serve in Buns with coleslaw and smoked Chipotle BBQ sauce and enjoy! 

Jun 2018 We tested 2 Moisture injection Products MOIST & KOSMOS MOISTURE MAGIC to make juicy Pulled Pork, and tested their Moisture Content with a 2 prong moisture meter.

​Yvonne's Lamb leg Smoked on Yellow Box Chunks for great smoke marinade flavour on Lamb,  & Apple Chunks to create smokey moist meat.  Yvonne was testing our Solution to the Aldi Coolabah Gas Smoker getting too hot and burning up BBQ Smoker Wood Chips:
Push the smoker box tray back as far as you can against the back wall, split 2 BBQ Smoker Chunks into half or quarters and place in the smoker box against the wall, and close the lid. Chunks won’t ignite and burn up like Wood Chips tend to do in this gas smoker. Smoker wood needs to smolder not catch fire.

Geoff's BBQ'd Ribs covered in our black Gunpowder, 
Cherry Rub, and garlic powder. All looks burned but we are assured the black bark was the smokey Activated Charcoal Pepper Salt Gunpowder Rub. Wrapped buttered corn cobs. Beef Cheeks covered in Gunpowder & Cherry Rub. Magnificent! 

The Boss's Dinner. Drumsticks and Beef Ribs covered in our HotnSmokey Cajun Rub, smoked with Apple & Black Wattle Chunks.

in Bacchus Marsh Vic, run by Greg and his mate.

Top Quality Charcoal Chicken cooked LownSlow
​over our tasty ashless Red Gum Charcoal. Chooks are brined overnight to make them juicy and succulent.
They offer the new McCain SureCrisp Fries that stay crisp for 30 mins. It's a heritage potato species cooked in
cottonseed oil, making it a technological breakthrough! 
174 Main St. Bacchus Marsh 3340  03 5367 0828

Pulled some great LOWnSLOW overnight cooked Moist Pork shoulders. Moisture Content was 81.3% !!
Injected with MOIST hydration salts and Orange Mango juice, and covered in SweetnSmokey Cajun Rub and dark brown sugar. Smoked overnight in the Kamado on Frogmats non stick smoker mesh, on long lasting Ironbark lump charcoal and Cherry Chunks.
Pulled it hot by hand with cotton inner gloves and XL Black Shield nitrile gloves.
I like to feel my meat and get all bones and gristle out, for great pulled pork and coleslaw buns for lunch.

Loving the Bunnings PIT BOSS Pellet Cooker!
Did a quick smoke of 2 lots of Cheese Burgers for a Pool party. Smoked them with Lumber Jack Comp Pellets, and used HotnSmokey Cajun Rub, topped with Grumpy Gary's Smokey Hot Sauce. Awesome!

Brian from Big D's BBQ Comp Team brined Pork Ribs overnight in our MOIST MEAT BOMB before smoking. They turned out very tender, juicy and full of flavour!

CUSTOMER COOK-UPS PAGE - Customer pics using our Australian Wood Smoking Products.

The Boss tested our CONVICT RUB You can shake it generously on meat & Hot Smoke it, or just cook your meats in an oven, or under a electric grill. Pics are of Pork smoked 8 hrs with CHERRY CHUNKS on RED GUM Charcoal. Sprinkle more CONVICT RUB on food just before serving, for extra zing. 

Stuart B. Brisket smoked with AUS OAK Chunks on IRONBARK CHARCOAL, covered in GUNPOWDER RUB.

A Customer named Mate shows how he hung a Pork Belly sideways in a PIT BARREL SMOKER  to render out the inner fat layer. 4 hrs to get meat temp to 83c. Should have used our ashless Red Gum Charcoal as Heat Beads became very ashy and blew powder on the meat. 

The Boss's 2nd Brisket: 8kg GUNPOWDER BRISKET !
The same method was used as above, but the Beef Broth marinade injected at the beginning was made up of 1/2ltr boiling water, 8 Beef stock cubes and a tablespoon of our Gunpowder Rub stirred through and dissolved. This created a juicy smokey peppery taste to the interior of the meat and was very tasty. The outside was coated with lotsa MAPLE CAJUN RUB & GUNPOWDER RUB.

Back Yard Master BBQ Chef Mark testing our sweet APRICOT CHUNKS: Apricot smoked Pork Ribs:- 

I was amazed at the amount of sweetness that the Apricot Chunks imparted to the meat, it seemed to brighten and compliment the meat & rub flavours, whereas the Cherry from last week added a different dimension of flavours. This time, I didn't wait until the smoker heated-up to target temp - when the Charcoal Chimney was hot & ready to pour over other unlit (Mallee S&B) charcoal, I pushed three apricot chunks into the embers. They took a while to get going, but I got over an hour's smoke out of them! Holgate Hopinator beer is a perfect match with any apricot-smoked meat, as it has quite bright apricot flavours itself. I enjoyed one whilst taking-in the apricot smoke aroma, and another when eating Apricot Ribs.

Chicken Fillet Parcels: Skinless Fillets covered in Maple Cajun and Smokey Chilli Lime Salt were smoked at 300f for an hour on Red Gum Charcoal and Apple Chunks, then added more Maple Cajun Rub, and Chipotle BBQ sauce before wrapping in 12"  Pink Butcher Paper squares. Used new Inkbird bluetooth thermometer to finish smoking in Kamado. The mob ph 70C alert reached me upstairs in our Brick house, the Smoker was on the downstairs veranda next to glass doors. Good Range. Individual Parcels were juicy and tender, Paper prevented Fillets drying out!
N.B. To prevent Paper Parcels catching fire, closed vents 80% to prohibit flames starting.

The Boss's Mama's recipe for Boston/Cowboy Beans
- 2kg Haricot/Navy beans – Health food shops carry them. Must be good for you then!
- Soak Beans overnight in water, then rinse off starch.
- 1/2 small jar Molasses
- 1/4 cup Brown sugar
- 1 tsp vinegar
- 2 tsp Dijon mustard
- ½ cup Hickory BBQ sauce
- Diced onions
- Cracked Pepper
- Add smoked Pork bones or smoked Pork meat. 
Tip:   When smoking a Pork leg, ask the butcher to bone it out, then
​          also smoke the bones at the same time, and freeze them for
          making beans or Pea and Ham Soup later. 
Method: Fry up onions, add all ingredients to a saucepan with lid,
​or slow cooker crock pot, and simmer all day. Can also add Bourbon!
Enjoy with the windows open lol, then freeze containers of it for ‘ron.

​10 mates from the Wandin CFA recently met at 7am for an all day sausage and salami making day. Our double cold Smoked Mild Chilli powder and our Smoked Chilli BBQ Blend seasoning were combined with the mince of 2 whole pigs, to create a vast array of goodies. Great work fellas!

The Boss cooked for 60 friends recently. 8 Chickens in the Oil Tank Smoker flavoured with Apple and Cherry Chunks smoldering on ashless Murrumbidgee River Red Gum Lump Charcoal, and Lamb Legs in the Weber smoked with Yellow Box and Apple Chunks.
​2nd shift in the Smokers consisted of Drum Sticks smoked on Apple Chunks, and cheap bulk pack thin Woolworths Beef Snags smoked on Cherry Chunks -" They come out as gourmet beef sausages! ".