Too busy to get up at 5AM and watch a Brisket cook all day? The idea is to smoke it to 70-74C, then “Boat” it in House oven overnight or all day while at work. Smoke the perfect stress free Brisket for tomorrow's Guests!
Once Brisket finally reaches 96C internal temp, the oven can be set to 90C to hold that meat temp for 6-12hrs, the meat can't rise in temp as 96C is higher than 90C oven temp.

1)  Trim most of the fat off the top of a Brisket and that pesky middle slab, leave most of the fat on the bottom to protect it from burning as it will melt off anyway. Use a 4-6kg Brisket. Smaller Briskets are harder to cook.
2)  INJECT all surfaces at a slightly horizontal angle with 2/3 cup MOIST MEAT BOMB & 4 Cups water. Stick thin Needle in and squeeze on the way out to fill each hole. Inject about 40 holes for even internal moisture and flavour.
3)  Shake and cover all surfaces generously with DALMATION BRISKET RUB and use large Shaker holes for an even Salt/Pepper ratio, smaller holes give a hotter Pepper blend as the larger Salt Flakes won't come out.
For extra Char smokey flavour shake a thin layer of GUNPOWDER RUB over the top of the Brisket.
4)  For extra flavour, initially cover the Brisket in FAJITA SEASONING aka WHITE LIGHTNING DOUBLE GARLIC BUTTER RUB, or smear Mayonnaise or Mustard all over the meat, then cover in RUB Powders.

Use our LUMBER JACK PELLETS as they are the best quality low ash Smoking Pellets in the World! 

5)  Add more smoke flavour by adding a smoker box like our LUMBERJACK WEDGIE or SMOKING BARREL  full of  TENNESSEE 100% RED OAK PELLETS or any 100% Hardwood Pellets, and light pellets for a min with a BLOWTORCH then place at back of smoker away from Chimney, hit again with the Blowtorch after 10 mins to keep Pellets smoldering.
6)  Put Brisket in Smoker at 9pm on low heat for 1st hour, to get smoke into meat.
7)  At 10pm increase temp to 107-110C and go to bed.

8)  At 7AM next day the meat should be 70-74C internal temp with the fat rendered out and great Bark. Take out of Smoker and place Brisket in large deep Tinfoil tray. 
9)  Crush and Melt 6 Beef Stock Cubes in 6-8 cups boiling water, or just use a Shop Beef Broth.  Add Red Wine if you like.
10) Boat the Brisket by partially submerging it in Beef Broth like an island, optionally add Med size spuds to be ready for Lunch, or Large Spuds for the longer Dinner cook.
11) Cover top of tray with 45cm wide Bunnings Matador $10 Heavy Duty BBQ Tinfoil and loosely crimp edges around tray so meat Bark doesn’t steam and get soft.
12) Put in the Oven at 120C if you want it for Lunch, or 100C if you are going to work and want it ready around 6pm.
13) When Brisket hits 96C internal temp, turn oven off and let it rest in there for 1hr. If Brisket hits 96C early, simply turn oven down to 90c and serve in the next 1-12hrs. That's how Restaurants serve Brisket.
14) To serve, take Brisket out and place on board, slice up diagonally starting from the corner of the meat for a nice mixed grain cut, or shred it for Pulled Beef.  
18) Make gravy from the meat juices: just whisk in cornflour or flour to thicken, or just use the rich meat juices as a gravy on your slices.
19) Pour gravy over Brisket slices and on top of Sour Cream on potatoes and sprinkle a little GUNPOWDER on the sour cream.

For a CHARCOAL SMOKER, at 5pm start a mound of hot IRONBARK lownslow charcoal with a Heat Gun or our FIRE ROD in 1 min. Place 1 Apple and a Aus Oak Chunk on each side to smolder.
Place the Brisket above the coals but on the other side, offset to the heat, to Smoke it slow. When Smoker gets to 110-120C, close off air vents a little to slow down the mound for a long smoke. At around 11pm the Brisket should reach 70c, then Boat it and place in oven overnight at 100C.

- For an OFFSET SMOKER, at 5pm start the base of a mound of hot  lownslow charcoal like IRONBARK or Gidgee, and place an APPLE LOG next to it to smolder. Put Brisket in to Smoke it slow. When Smoker gets to 110-120C, close off air vents a little to slow down the mound for a long smoke. At around 11pm the Brisket should reach 70c, then Boat it and place in oven overnight at 100C. ​

1) ​Buy a standard non wagyu Brisket. (Wagyu’s don’t need injecting as very fatty and juicy)
    ( sells Boxes of ‘Point End Only’ Briskets)
2) Trim off most of the thick fat deposits but leave some fat on the bottom to protect it from burning and going hard, and leave some on the top to melt and render through the meat.   
3) Shake 2/3 Cups MOIST MEAT BOMB with 4 cups water or thin beef broth for a 4-5kg Brisket.
     or Shake 1 Cup MOIST MEAT BOMB with 6 cups water or thin beef broth for a 9kg Costco Brisket.
4) Inject the marinade in top, bottom and sides, injecting slightly horizontal with our thin needle works best.
Stick needle in and cover the hole with your free hand to catch any back squirts then squeeze trigger on the way out to fill the hole.
5) Shake on your favourite Rub. The Boss uses FAJITA aka WHITE LIGHTNING RUB to coat all surfaces as the 1st flavour layer, then adds DALMATION RUB, and finishes it with a little GUNPOWDER RUB all over the top.  
6) Smoke the Brisket at around 110C/220F for 5-6hrs till internal meat temp hits 71C/160F then take out and wrap in single ply layer of PINK BUTCHER PAPER, return to smoker and increase temp a little to get heat through the paper.
Wrap Technique: Flip Brisket over onto paper sheet and fold all 4 sides in, then flip back over so bark is on top, the meat will sit on the folds and seal the base. Juices will gather at the bottom and rehydrate the burned hard Brisket underside. PINK BUTCHER PAPER breathes to keep your Bark dry and allows smoke in.
7) Smoke till meat temp hits 96C/205F then take out and wrap in another sheet of paper and place towel over it, or put in an esky, or put in a cold oven, to Rest if for min 1hr. Resting lets the juices come out then go back in.
8) The easiest way to slice it is to start from the corner in, at an angle, as the grains can go in 2 different directions.

Standard Technique Pics:-

The Boss simply slices from the corner in, as that crosses both the grain directions!
The Restaurant slicing method is below.

Another BUSY MAN BRISKET getting boated while I am at work.
Brisket sitting in Beef Broth & Red Wine. Looking forward to it tonight!


PULLED BRISKET injected with  MOIST MEAT BOMB  for juicy tender Brisket. Shred by hand with cotton gloves inside Nitrile Gloves, after Resting for 2hrs.®

Here are 2 Methods to Smoke the Perfect Brisket:
The STANDARD WAY below and the BUSY MAN BRISKET Technique.
Tip:- If your Brisket doesn't work, use the BRISKET BAND-AID: GRAVY. Pull or cut it up, then mix some Gravy all through it and leave in a sealed plastic container for 5 mins to juice it up. 
TIP:  THERMAL INNER GLOVES inside our XL BLACK NITRILE GLOVES allows safe handling of  HOT meats.
METHOD 1:-   Standard Brisket Method.