The simplest and quickest way to smoke Pork or Beef Ribs is to Brine or submerge them for 24hrs in MOIST MEAT BOMB, ​then take out and cover in a good Rub and smoke them at around 110C till Beef Ribs hit 92C and Pork Ribs hit 95C meat temp. 
Wrap in Pink Butcher Paper or just place them in a closed container, to rest them for 10 mins, then brush them with a good BBQ Sauce like MHS SMOKED CHIPOTLE BBQ SAUCE, and serve.
Pork ribs take around 3-4 hrs, Beef Ribs take around 5 hrs.  
​The old 3-2-1 Ribs method is history, that method required you to smoke Ribs for 3 hrs, then rehydrate and steam the dried out Ribs in tinfoil with BBQ Sauce, Honey, or Maple Syrup for 2hrs, then unwrap and dry them out in the Smoker for 1hr. Brining for 24hrs in MOIST MEAT BOMB and smoking for 4 hrs is so much simpler!