Make a DIY cheap simple BBQ Smoker. Save your hard earned money for the Meats and booze:-
- 44 gal drum with a hard rubbish weber lid and 2 internal weber grates sitting on bolts drilled through three sides.
- Fit solid handles on each side, or drill 2 holes and insert hardwood pole through sides.  
- Cut out top and bottom inside rim edge. 
- Start good Lump Charcoal fire in ground or in fire grate with electric Hot air Gun in 2 mins. 
- Place 2 Wood Chunks on Coals to smolder, move away from heat if they catch fire.
- Lift drum and sit on fire, lift off to adjust fire and add charcoal, or to take out meats without getting hands burned. 
- Cut little flap door on bottom of side, to draw air and to chuck Wood Chunks or fresh charcoal in.

Make a Smoker can that smokes for 1hr+
- Make your own smoker can by cutting the top off a clean Tuna tin. (eat tuna and wash out)
- Punch 1 - 5 nail hole(s) in the lid - it's that easy. This can works better than bought ones !
   The wider the can, the longer the smoking time. Don't go too tall though.
The secret to get sawdust to work in a smoker can:-
 - 1/3 fill can with our pure nutty tasting AussieBBQSmoke crushed Walnut Shells.
-  Fill rest of can with one of our sawdusts:  Cherry, Ironbark, Sugar Gum, Red Gum, Tassie Oak, Red Box, Rosemary etc. 
-  The combination of Walnut shells on the base allows the can to smolder for an hour or so, usually sawdust in a can only burns the bottom layer into a crust and then goes out as the  heat can't get through any more. This leaves lots left unburnt. 
-  The addition of Walnut shells allows the heat to rise through it's granules, and into the  sawdust, to smolder and use all the  contents of the smoker can. 
-  Put lid on, and place on hot coals or on gas diffuser plate, just above a burner.
-  Start the smoke with high heat for a minute or until it starts smoking out the nail hole. 
-  Turn down gas burner, to control smoke stream. Don't make too hot as it will catch fire.
-  Put meat, potatoes, skewers etc. on grill above but not directly over smoker can, to prevent  the can hole clogging up with drips, and to stop food directly above, from oversmoking.
-  Sprinkle a tablespoon of our finely ground up Rosemary Bushes over the sawdust,  for more  flavour it even more. Use on Lamb, Pork & chicken.  Good for pizza and herb bread ovens.
N.B. This works better than the expensive Camerons Flavorwood smoke cans. Why pay $5 per can when you can make a better Aussie one yourself !