To make tender juicy soft Venison:-
Brine Venison, Roo, Turkey, or any lean tough meat in MOIST MEAT BOMB, to hydrate and soften them for cooking.
- Slice large Venison chunks into thin schnitzel slices.
- Brine for 24 hrs in MOIST MEAT BOMB Hydration salts and water.
- Remove from Brine and shake on Fajita Seasoning or any good Rub.
- Place a raw potato under the raised hole in a Bundt cake tin. Bundt cake tins at Kmart $4.
- Stack slices to half Tower height.
- Pierce a thin sharp skewer through meat and down into potato.
- Stick 2 non slip skewers sideways at base of Tower so ends rest on cake tin top edges.
- Stick 2 Bamboo Skewers diagonally down into base of cake tin for structural support.
- Press more slices onto top of skewer till they reach the top of it.
- Place a fresh Pineapple Chunk on top and pierce a skewer through it all the way down into the potato.
- Place leftover Venison bits on bottom skewer cross supports and around cake tin base.
- Smoke till internal meat temp reaches 63-64C.
- Slice up and Enjoy the most tender tasty Venison possible. It tastes just like Lamb !