- Put a large plastic bag in a standard bucket.
- Place Turkey in bag.
- Shake 2/3 cups MOIST MEAT BOMB with 4 cups water and pour into  bucket, do this 2 or 3 times to almost cover the Turkey.
  Our 7kg Turkey needed 2 cups MEAT BOMB and 3 ltrs water.
  For a supercharged tasty brine flavour, use our MOIST MUSTARD BOMB instead, it is MOIST MEAT BOMB plus Mustard, Clove, and    Garlic Powder, and Dark Brown Sugar.
- Squeeze out air and tie bag off with a rubber band. The Bird should now be totally submerged.
- Put bucket in Fridge overnight to brine.
- Make 2 kgs Stuffing of your choice, or follow our recipe:-
   - Fry ½ kg Pork Mince, ½ kg Chicken Mince, onions, garlic, Cracked Pepper, and 80g AMERICAN PORK SPICE.
   - Cool the mince, then hand mix it with a box of Seasoned Stuffing and enough water to make it moist but not too wet.
     Optionally add dry Cranberries or dried fruits.
   - Put the covered sausage stuffing in the fridge to wait for the Turkey.
Next day
- Take Turkey out of briner bag bucket & stuff with the sausage stuffing.
- Push all the 2kgs of stuffing in, the bird should bloat out and get bigger.
  No need to close the turkey holes up, the packed stuffing won’t get out.
- Microwave melt some Butter and brush the bird all over.
- Shake a semi sweet Chicken Rub all over.
- Use Skewers to pin legs and wings to body.
- 80% Fill a SMOKING BARREL with 100% Hardwood PELLETS for 4-5hrs extra smoke flavour. Light Pellets for 1 min then lay down at back of Smoker.
- Smoke 4 hrs at 120c, then about 1hr at 135C, till internal meat temp hits 80C.
- Turn off smoker, or move Turkey into cold house oven to rest 30 mins.
   Resting it allows juices to redistribute, and the meat fibres to loosen up and relax. Then eat it and enjoy this masterpiece!