Make Boneless Pork Spare Ribs for 1/3 the cost of Big Pork Spare Ribs!
- Buy Pork Necks aka Pork Scotch Fillet or Collar Butt, it's a fatty LownSlow Cut, cooks to 80C internal temp in 7-10hrs. sometimes has them at $8.50/kg for a 20kg Box delivered.

Make the Pork meat sweet like Pork Ribs on the bone:-
- Inject meat with 1/3 cup MOIST MEAT BOMB and 2 cups GOLDEN CIRCLE 2ltr ORANGE MANGO JUICE from Woolworths.
- Shake on sweet spicy AMERICAN PORK SPICE or CHERRY RUB all over.
- Rub MAPLE BROWN SUGAR all over meat to seal it. Optionally also brush on Texas Rib Glaze 
- Smoke at 107C/225F for about 7hrs till internal meat temp reaches 78-80C. One Neck took an extra hr to hit 80C..
- Take out and Rest 20-30 mins.
- Cut each 1.5kg Chunk into 4 long big 'Ribs'.
- Shake a sweet Rub like AMERICAN PORK SPICE or CHERRY RUB on the open cuts.
- Coat and Seal each slice heavily by rubbing MAPLE BROWN SUGAR all over for a great Glaze, as the Dark Brown Sugar in it melts nicely without burning. Optionally also brush with Texas Rib Glaze or a sweet thick Smokey BBQ Sauce.
- Return to Smoker at high heat 300C/148F for 20-30 mins to set the glazed coating but don't overcook and dry them out.
- Take out and Rest for 10mins, then enjoy cheap sweet Boneless Pork Spare Ribs!®