Make Boneless Pork Spare Ribs for 1/3 the cost of Big Pork Spare Ribs!
- Buy Pork Necks aka Pork Scotch Fillet or Collar Butt, it's a fatty LownSlow Cut, cooks to 80C internal temp in 7-10hrs. sometimes has them at $8.50/kg for a 20kg Box delivered.

Make the Pork meat sweet like Pork Ribs on the bone:-
- Inject meat with 1/3 cup MOIST MEAT BOMB and 2 cups GOLDEN CIRCLE 2ltr ORANGE MANGO JUICE from Woolworths.
- Shake on sweet spicy AMERICAN PORK SPICE or CHERRY RUB all over.
- Rub MAPLE BROWN SUGAR all over meat to seal it. Optionally also brush on Texas Rib Glaze 
- Smoke at 107C/225F for about 7hrs till internal meat temp reaches 78-80C. One Neck took an extra hr to hit 80C..
- Take out and Rest 20-30 mins.
- Cut each 1.5kg Chunk into 4 long big 'Ribs'.
- Shake a sweet Rub like AMERICAN PORK SPICE or CHERRY RUB on the open cuts.
- Coat and Seal each slice heavily by rubbing MAPLE BROWN SUGAR all over for a great Glaze, as the Dark Brown Sugar in it melts nicely without burning. Optionally also brush with Texas Rib Glaze or a sweet thick Smokey BBQ Sauce.
- Return to Smoker at high heat 300C/148F for 20-30 mins to set the glazed coating but don't overcook and dry them out.
- Take out and Rest for 10mins, then enjoy cheap sweet Boneless Pork Spare Ribs!

This next batch was sliced thinner and rubbed all over with Maple Brown Sugar then brushed with Texas Rib Glaze