The youtube video below shows 1 method of smoking in a Baby Q, with a roasting pan of water and apple chips. Click link to view:
Smoking in a Weber Q with Charcoal and Chips in Smoker Box

- Combine Red Box Chunks for reddish colouring,  and Cherry Chunks for sweetness, on coals.
- Combine Apple for moist meat, Red Box for reddish colour, and Cherry Chunks for sweetness, on charcoal, cover meat in SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN Rub for a fantastic reddish sweet moist Pulled Pork! 
- Combine Red Box Sawdust with Cherry or Apple sawdust or wood chips for red sweet meats.

 Portable Fish Smokers use sawdust or Wood Chips over Metho or Ethanol burners that heat the floor of the Smoker. We have lots of Smoking Sawdusts, Red Ironbark, Sugar Gum, or Red Gum are popular. We also make lots of great Wood Chips. Add more flavour by mixing your favourite sawdust with some of our Rosemary Bush Sawdust. 

Fishing Lodge Mackerel:

32 Party entree that can be cooked on a Council stainless steel hot plate in 20-30 mins. The Boss calls this 'Lobster Fish'.
large Snapper – 4kgs
½ cup chopped onions
¼ cup finely chopped celery
1 clove garlic
2 tbsps chopped chilli peppers or jalapenos.
1 small can prawns chopped
1 small can crabmeat with liquid
½ cup breadcrumbs
Salt & pepper
Lemon juice
Paprika  (smoked paprika)
Lime or lemon slices
Prepare the fish by making a slit along the backbone, then cut a pocket by sliding the knife along the ribs on both sides of the backbone.
-    Mix onion, celery, garlic, chilli, prawn, crabmeat, breadcrumbs, salt/pepper.
-    Add enough oil to moisten. Stuff the mixture into both pockets and into stomach cavity.
-    Sprinkle with lemon juice. Rub skin with paprika, salt, pepper on both sides.
-    Place half the lemon slices on some foil and place fish on top, then place rest of slices on fish. Sprinkle white wine over fish.
-    Wrap fish in 4 layers of foil.
Cook on BBQ hot plate for approx 30mins, turning several times, or bake in oven at home for 45min at 180c.
Spoon onto crackers.  

38  We now offer bulk 40lb Lumber Jack Pellets for the UUNI Pizza oven as the heat source and to produce tasty smoke flavoured Pizzas and smoked Breads, Veggies or Meats.

Snake Method: Create long high row of charcoal or heat beads, light one end. Place small wood chunks along top for BBQ smoke. Heat beads work best due to uniform shapes. Lump charcoal has to be puzzle placed tightly together. Burns 10 - 16 hrs. To avoid Beads with Potassium Nitrate accelerant igniting under your meat all night, puzzle piece together a row of our small Mallee Stick & Branch charcoal.

A) Scoop sawdust into a steel smoker box, or tin smoker can and 1/2 fill with sawdust. Place on top of diffuser plate above gas burner, or above fire. The boss has a trick for smoking sawdusts, he 1/3 fills the smoker can with our crushed Walnut shells and tops it up with sawdust, this allows the heat to get through and smolder all the sawdust, as it will crust up at the base otherwise, and only smolder part of the sawdust. You can make your own smoker can that will smoke for more than an hour:-
- Cut the top off a clean Tuna tin. (eat tuna and wash out)
- Punch 1 - 5 nail hole(s) in the lid - it's that easy.  Better than a bought one !
- The wider the can, the longer the smoking time. Don't go too tall though.

B) Make a smoking pouch or burrito shape from 2 tinfoil layers, maybe one burrito pouch on each side of coals, fill with sawdust, prick a few holes in top, and place next to coals, or on top of gas grill.

C) Half fill a can, or an iron camping pot (with a few holes drilled in lid) with sawdust, toss in a few hot coals, top up with sawdust and put lid on. Place in hooded BBQ. The Boss holds a heat bead with tongs and gets it red hot with a hot air paint stripper type heat gun, then drops it in the pot.

D) Italian folk like to mound sawdust on hot coals and spray it with water or apple juice, to create lots of smoldering smoke and prevent it from burning up.

CREOSOTE is the compound responsible for the preservation and the flavour of smoked meats. It is a greasy liquid with clear to yellow colour. Smoke should envelop meats, but not be held there for too long. If Smoke can't get out it goes around and around getting whiter and heavier until it drips the bad black Creosote Tar on your meats, to make it taste bitter.

Having some Creosote  Tar makes a great lining to season your Smoker, it improves the flavour produced in the BBQ, but excess Creosote Tar can drip on to the meats leaving a bitter taste and strong unpleasant smell. Excess Creosote Tar can be burned off the BBQ Smoker walls and roof, with a Butane can Blowtorch. Burn the Tar to bubble & crystallize it, then scrape off with a wire brush.

1) Poor combustion/low airflow in charcoal or wood/stick burners. Poor combustion in the cook can create microscopic particles of creosote and tar in the heavy white smoke which can form on the food. Burning wood and coal at low temperature causes incomplete combustion of the oils in the wood, which are off-gassed as volatiles in the smoke.
Fix: Most causes of poor combustion can easily be remedied with good airflow, adjust your intake and exhaust vents accordingly, to prevent heavy white smoke.

2) Impurities in your charcoal. Some brands of charcoal have additives in them including Limestone, Sawdust, Starch, Borax and Sodium Nitrate. When these burn off, the smoke can contain particles of the additives which can also leave a foul or unpleasant taste on the meat. Some charcoals contain construction or manufacturing wood scraps. Some briquettes can even contain ground coniferous woods like Pine that is added to the mix before being pressed into briquettes.
Fix: To avoid this situation, use a good quality chemical free lump charcoal, like ours!

3) Soaking your wood or using green wood can create water vapour that mixes with the smoke to form moisture in the cooker. When the smoke vapours condensate on the cooler parts of the cooker, the vapour droplets containing creosote and creosote tar then drop onto the meat from the roof of your smoker.
Fix: Use only seasoned wood, and never soak your wood chips or chunks. Seek to create the good thin  blue smoke to produce quality smoked meats that are not bitter.

Benefits of Creosote:-
The Good  Creosote is a greasy liquid that has a clear to yellow tint, it is what makes meat taste smoked. Bad Creosote is black and has a burned taste and bitter flavour, but it was used for a number of years as an effective laxative, disinfecting agent, local anaesthetic, and cough expectorant. Good Creosote is used to make Liquid Smoke meat flavouring. Liquid Smoke can be captured from a Smoke Generator tube going to the BBQ: use a T piece to drip distil the good Yellow Creosote into a bottle. This is the main ingredient in most commercial Liquid Smoke bottles.  – see below.


Yellow Creosote is the main component of commercially available preparations of ‘Liquid Smoke’. It is used to add smokey flavour to meat and aid as a preservative,  you can dip foods into a diluted bowl of it or simply use an atomizer spray it on foods and salads.  
Make your own Liquid Smoke by adding a T piece to the outlet pipe of a Cold Smoke Generator like Smokai or Big Daddy. Dip the hose going into your Smoker so the T piece is at a low point, add a tube to the bottom of the fitting and drip it into a can. Later boil reduce it to 50% of it's volume and you will have pure Liquid Smoke! 

Smoke Generators usually use a fish tank pump to blow the smoke into a BBQ or food compartment for smoking. If the flowrate is too low, it will create white smoke with Creosote Tar. Run pump at a good flow to create thinner blue smoke with higher burn heat and shorter burn/smoke time. A pump with adjustable speed is required. This causes increased heat so a longer tube leading to the BBQ is required to reduce the heat of the smoke entering the BBQ. 

Excess Creosote Tar can be burned off the BBQ Smoker walls, seals, and roof, with a Butane can Blowtorch. Burn the Tar to bubble & crystallize it, then scrape off with a wire brush. We clean our Cold Smoker by soaking safely in water and Citric Acid powder.


1) Stick a small raw potato or carrot at each end of the skewer to slightly raise it off BBQ Grill or Hotplate.
2) Spray Grill bars or Hotplate with cooking oil before cooking.
3) Place baking paper on Hot Plate and spray with oil, then cook on it. You can also cook bacon & eggs using your BBQ, on this clean surface. Replace sheet for next food. Good way to separate Vegetarian or Gluten Free foods.
The free council BBQ's usually have a stainless steel hotplate which Satay Sticks stick to and tear away from, use Cooking Paper on it.

Add a deflector or a convection plate under the meat section to even the heat and smoke flow from the fire box to the above meats. Here's the problem: Heat and smoke don't go sideways. The heat and smoke that comes out of the offset fire box go up and out  of the cooking chamber, the meat next to the fire box cops all the heat and smoke and the meats further away miss out. You have to rotate the meats in order to even out their cooking. Place bread slices on grill to find hot spots, the toast is where the heat is.
For more info, see link below and scroll down to 'Modifying your offset smoker'
Offset Smoker And Barrel Smoker Setup And Modifications

SMOKING TECHNIQUES  ​ (Tip for this doc: CTRL F - for Find command box to search for a word)
1 To smoke in a GAS BBQ: 
- Use Pellets in a smoker can/box or put in a tinfoil burrito with fork holes in top, sit on the back of a gas burner, turn that burner down when smoldering starts.
- Place a heat diffuser wire grate above burners with a layer of lava rocks or ceramic briquettes. You can now smoke on the fake coals by tossing Wood Chips or a few Wood Chunks on them.
- Place a couple Wood CHUNKS between a gas burner and the BBQ inside wall, use low flame to start them smoldering then lower flame or turn that burner off to prevent CHUNKS catching fire.
- Use a Smoking Generator like Smokai or Big Daddy, we use "The Butch" from 'Native Smoke' Melb. The smoke generator smolders Wood Chips or Pellets, to blow cold smoke into a Gas BBQ or any smoker vessel eg. old fridge, 44gal Drum, filing cabinet,  or wood box. 

2 To do Cold Smoking successfully all year round: use an old working fridge and turn it on low when smoking. The Boss uses an old Shop double glass door Coke fridge that still works, it is ideal for smoking cheese or salmon on a hot day, and for creating great smoked drinks in shallow glasses eg. Smoked Bourbon! The cooling fan on the ceiling is usually taped over for normal un-refrigerated cold smoking so it doesn't glue up with creosote, but if cooling is required, the tape is removed and the fridge is turned on low, smoke doesn't get on the blades much as it's blowing away and out the chimney. We cold smoke Jalapenos and dried Chillies using "The Butch" from 'Native Smoke' Melb, 1/2 filled with Wood Chips.

3 Simply toss our Wood  Chunks on coals.  Pre soaking is only needed for imported kiln dried 'balsa' smoking wood, BUT this can wash flavour out, and cool your coals. Our smoker woods are sun dried and full of flavour. If you really want to soak, use boiling water as cold water does not penetrate, that's why boats float!   
4 Make a smoking pouch or burrito shape from 2 tinfoil layers , maybe one burrito pouch on each side of coals,  fill with sawdust or pellets, prick a few holes in top, and place next to fire.

5 For Gas BBQ's, place a few Smoking Wood Chunks between left burner and bbq wall, or sit on diffuser plate or on lava rocks. Once Chunks start smoldering, turn that burner down or off, so Chunks don't catch fire.  

Buy a steel smoker box, or smoker can and 1/2 fill with smoking product. Place on top of diffuser plate above gas burner or above fire.

Half fill a can, or an iron camping pot (with a few holes drilled in lid) with Chips or Sawdustsmoking product, toss in a few hot coals,  top up and put lid on. Place in hooded BBQ, 44 gal  drum, a  box,  old fridge,  whatever has meat in it to smoke. This technique uses cold smoke to fully infuse meat with smoke flavour, then BBQ the meat as normal. Hot smoking only smokes outer layer of meat and doesn't penetrate much after outer layer toughens.
The Boss holds a Charcoal Chunk with tongs and gets it red hot with our $20 Butane Blow Torch, then drops it in the pot.

8 Use a tinfoil tray full of Pellets and light the middle of it with our  butane blow torch.

9 For smoking on open fire BBQ, cover meat on grill bars with large inverted tinfoil casserole dish or clean metal rubbish bin lid to catch smoke and envelop the meat with smokey flavours. Use tasty firewood like Red Gum, you can also place a few Cherry smoking Chunks  near fire to create sweet smoldering BBQ smoke. 

3 - 2 - 1 = 3hrs Smoked, 2 hrs Foiled, 1 hr Grilled.

  3. Trim Ribs into straight rectangular length, pull off membrane with paper towel.
- Brush Ribs with honey or spray on Canola oil or Apple juice, shake dry rub on flat racks then roll up rack and sprinkle on ends. Sprinkle Brown Sugar on top, leave for a little while till the Rub turns into a syrupy glaze.
- Use good Lump charcoal and get cooker up to approx 225F.
- Add a few dry Cherry, Peach or Apricot Chunks to smolder on coals.
- Place a can or pan of water on grill to add humidity.
- Put Ribs on Grill flesh side up and hot smoke at 225F for 3 hrs.
- Put BBQ Lid on and open vents ¾ or more, look for grey/blue almost clear smoke.
  2. After 3 hours, the ribs could be considered ready to eat, but the connective tissue has not broken down, the Ribs are still tough and chewy. This next step will accelerate the breakdown of connective tissue and result in tender pull apart ribs.
-  Remove from BBQ, spray with Apple juice or brush on Honey, BBQ or sweet Chilli sauce, shake on extra Rub seasoning. Wrap tightly in heavy duty tinfoil and return to Grill with flesh side down. Loose foiling allows steam to soften and ruin crusty bark coating. Cook for 2 hrs, smoke not required now.
  1. Take out Ribs and remove from foil, return to Grill for 1 hr with flesh side up. Additional smoke will stick to the moist Ribs. The Ribs will now dry and firm up.
- Brush on BBQ sauce 10 mins before serving,
- Optionally, flip Ribs over and char burn the BBQ sauce.   
- Rest on cutting board for 10 mins to allow juices to settle. Slice up and serve.
To check if cooked:
- When the meat pulls back from end of bone.
- Poke a toothpick between the bones at the thickest part of the ribs. If it easily slides in and out of the rack, they are done.

Minion Method: Make tall pile of charcoal or heat beads, if you have the room, light top pieces only. You can use our Blow Torch or our new FIRE ROD. It will slowly burn down. Contain pile in mesh basket, maybe a deep fry basket, or large can with holes in sides. 

Chef's ro​asting pan

27 Solution to the Aldi Coolabah Hark Gas Smoker getting too hot and burning up BBQ Smoker Wood Chips:
Use our chunky Chips instead of kiln dried small Shop Chips. Add layers of tinfoil to base of Smoker Box to protect Chips from excess heat. Push the smoker box tray back as far as you can against the back wall, split 2 BBQ Smoker Chunks into half or quarters and place face down in the smoker box against the wall, and close the lid. Chunks won’t ignite and burn up like Wood Chips tend to do in this gas smoker. Smoker wood needs to smolder not catch fire.

40 Injector Refill Technique using a plastic bottle:
The problem everyone has with injectors is filling them. Most of us mix the injection and stick the needle into it and suck it up. But the position of the holes in the needle insures you don't get it all.
Mix the injection fluid and pour it into a plastic water bottle and twist cap on, then take a lighter, heat up the end of the injector needle, and slide it through the cap of the water bottle. Pull the plunger on the injector all the way back so the injector extracts air out of the bottle and is filled with air. Put a piece of electrical tape over the hole and poke the needle through the tape into the hole. The tape acts like a gasket. Push the plunger down injecting air into the bottle. This pressurizes the bottle slightly and counteracts the vacuum effect making it much easier to withdraw liquid. Now turn it upside down, and withdraw the liquid, just like the nurse did when she gave you your flu shot. This bit of cleverness lets you pull all the fluid out.

- Start a small pile of good hot pure Lump Charcoal like our IRONBARK CHARCOAL, with a Heat Gun or FIRE ROD.
- Cover hot coals with Apple Sawdust for Mild flavour, or use a little GRAPEVINE Wood for strong smoke flavour.
- Place steaks on Grill away from low heat coals offset to the heat, and 'Cold Smoke' for 60 mins.
- Then add charcoal and use Heat Gun to furnace them hot.
- Move Steaks directly over hot coals and sear each side for 2 mins.

42 Suggested sites for more BBQ Smoking info:
a) Kosmo's Q cooking videos
b)  https://au.pinterest.com/explore/smoking-food/
c) http://amazingribs.com/bbq_equipment_reviews_ratings/  

What You Need To Know About Wood, Smoke, And Combustion
d) Smoking Tips, Cold Smoking, Sausage Making etc..


Note: email us for any other smoking methods that you do, and we'll add them here.

25 How to easily cure Pork Belly into bacon
- Prepare Curing mix: Add 1/4 cup good quality salt to 1/2 cup plain white sugar.
- Put Pork Belly chunk and 5 tbsps/kg of Cure into a large ziplock bag.
- Shake bag well to coat Pork.
- Place in fridge.
- Flip bag over in fridge each day for 6 days.
- Take Pork out of bag and thoroughly rinse out salt.
- Place cured Pork Bacon onto wire rack in fridge and dry for a day then slice up and fry for breakfast, or skip this step and smoke it.
- Smoke bacon strips for an hour with a couple of our CHERRY CHUNKS smoldering on charcoal, then fry them, and you'll be eating the best bacon in OZ!

31 How to make great Aged Beef Steaks
The simplest and cheapest way to age beef is to buy a large sealed Cryovac bag of Porterhouse or Rump etc and leave it at the bottom of the fridge for 4-6wks. The meat is initially bright red but goes grey over a month or so while it is ageing. After 4-6wks, open it and rinse out the bad smelling blood and you end up with great aged beef. If you then cut it up and freeze it, it gets even more tender as the freezing breaks the meat down further. Marinading it later makes the meat even more tender. You can cut the aged beef med rare steaks with a fork!
Another way to make great tasty aged meat is to buy fresh beef, then vacuum seal it in a bag with some marinade liquid. Vacuum sealing draws the marinade deep into the meat. Age it like a cryovac bag. 
Here's a pic from a famous US Steakhouse. see young red beef on left and aged grey beef on right.

Like a Smokai smoke generator. Customer: Mathew says this outfit consistently smokes for 16 hrs !
It's an under desk filing cabinet without drawers, and a new door. Metal (uncoated) curtain rod for the hanging rod (can also use wooden dowl/bird perches)  and an an old tin with lid. Total cost was  about $50 including the air pump and 12 inches of 4mm stainless pipe from a hobby shop. When can is nearly full of Pellets or Wood Chips, it smokes for about 16 hours. Start the Pellets or Wood Chips with small blowtorch in bottom hole, and turn fish tank pump on to draw smoke up and into the cabinet. The small pipe (about 30 cm long) from the aquarium pump creates a venturi draw in the tin that 'pulls' the air in through the hole at the bottom, then into the pipe and on in to the cabinet. An adjustable flow pump or small adjustable valve in the line will allow smoke and smoldering control. Seal up all gaps in filing cabinet and add a small chimney vent to let the smoke out.

The youtube clip below shows the Saffire BBQ features, including their Wood Chip Feeder slide loader. Chips would burn up pretty quick when dropped directly on top of hot coals, we would suggest that you start with Wood Chunks, then top up with Wood Chips later. 
When the Smoker is initially open and you have finished lighting the Charcoal, place 3 or so Wood Chunks on top of the coals, and a few more on top of the outer edges of the coals. This will give you about 2 hrs of good BBQ smoke. When the smoking stops, and the charcoal has died down a bit, use the Wood Chip Feeder and slide in Wood Chips to continue the Hot Smoking.  Red Gum Wood Chips are the hardiest and should last a while, they are similar in flavour to Hickory. Any chunky Wood Chips would work if you keep topping them up, we have several to choose from. SmokerPellets would not be recommended as they would burn up very quickly when placed directly on hot coals, they need to be protected in a Smoker Box or can.  
The clip below does not show how the charcoal was lit, but we assume Firelighters were used, we suggest you use a Charcoal Chimney Starter then tip the hot coals in. Alternatively, you could also use our new FIRE ROD 240v Hot Air Gun and just blow them alight.  Saffire Grill & Smoker Intro

24 How to make real smoked bourbon with Smoking Sawdust, see below youtube link: 
Smoked Maple Whisky Cocktail with Smoking Gun

39 ​​See video How To Make PORK BELLY BURNT ENDS:- 

36 The Boss's Beef Brisket Boat method:-
Bought a 9kg $83 Costco Angus Brisket and tried the Boat method, the results were incredible.
Had to cut this huge chunk into 2 to cook. Started River Red Gum Charcoal in Smoker Fri 6pm in 2 mins with our new FIRE ROD, thoroughly injected Brisket with Beef Broth with a tablespoon of Gunpowder: Smokey Charcoal Pepper Salt Rub stirred into it, then covered it with our DALMATION RUB with some Gunpowder in a thin layer on top,  placed it 'fat cap side up' on top shelf of old Oil Tank Smoker with a few Apple and Aus Oak Chunks smoldering on the coals, smoked for 6hrs at 200f.
Brought it inside at midnight and sat in large deep tinfoil tray 1/2 submerged in beef broth with another tinfoil tray sitting on top as a loose crimped lid, to let steam out so Bark stays crisp. Simmered 17hrs in oven at 100F until 5pm internal temp 205F, fork probing slid in the meat like jelly,  rested 1hr. Served at 6pm. Slices were pull apart tender, could even tear off chunks with tongs, had peppery char Gunpowder taste all through the meat. All 9kgs disappeared in 15mins, no leftovers!  P.S. Now that we have PINK BUTCHER PAPER, I would wrap in paper and finish in oven overnight at low heat.

28  How the Boss smokes great PULLED PORK:
8AM - Heavily coat a Pork Shoulder or Leg in our SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN Rub.
- Start a handful of charcoal initially with our $20 portable Butane Blow Torch, then furnace blow it white hot with our new FIRE ROD electric Hot Air charcoal starter. 
ry the hot coals in Apple Sawdust to create lots of quick cold white smoke, but open vent and let it out. 'Cold Smoke' the Pork on top rack for 1-1.5hrs. Cold smoke fully penetrates meat. Note that the sought after thin 'blue smoke' requires heat.
9:30AM - Add charcoal and start it with above technique and 'Hot Smoke' cook the meat. Toss Smoking Chunks on top of coals, use 1 each of Apple Chunks for moist meat, Cherry Chunks for sweetness, and Red Box Chunks for great country flavour and Red colouring. Smoke for around 7hrs at approx 93C/200F.
- Since the Smoker is running all day, the Boss smokes several batches of Drumsticks & thin cheap bulk pack Woolworths Beef Snags ("They taste like Gourmet Sausages later!") on the lower rack at the same time. Bag and freeze them for 'ron. 
4:30PM - Take Pork out and wrap in tinfoil.
- Place in kitchen oven at 200C/390F for 1-2hrs, until middle of Pork hits 93-94C/200F. Use a Temperature Probe Thermometer.
approx 6PM - Take foiled meat out of oven and cover with a towel and rest it for 1hr, this helps the meat break down, so it falls apart easily. Some folk also put it in an esky.
- 7PM Open tinfoil and shred Pork with our Bear Claws into fantastic Pulled Pork with black bark crust! Can serve with coleslaw in a Bun, or in a Wrap. Sprinkle our tasty Chipotle BBQ Sauce on top. For leftovers meals, the Boss loves putting shredded Pulled Pork on a plate of Rice covered in BBQ sauce, and microwaved... mmm a great quick feed. 

29  How the Boss smokes great PULLED BEEF:
- Inject a Blade Roast or similar, with cheap Tawny Port.
- Smoke on Apple sawdust and Apple Chunks using above Pulled Pork Cold/Hot smoking technique. 
- Cook to 95C internal temp. Meat falls apart and is spoon tender.  Great for beef Tacos or Burritos.

 33 Hungarian Smoking Method for GOLD SMOKE

Hungarian smoking is done with  good smoker Sawdust and dried Corn Kernels or ground corn, smoldering over coals, the corn makes a Golden smoked colour, whereas smoldering the cobs themselves produces Red smoke colouring. Here is a pick of oak/corn smoked Speck (pork fat) or jowl bacon, supplied by Customer Tibor. The long 10 day smoking in icy Hungary produces Golden smoked pork fat bacon, Gold coloured smoked fish can also be smoked in shorter periods with this oak/corn mix.

​A local custom is to make 'Greasy Bread' by cooking a piece of the Speck on coals on the end of a stick end when it starts to release the fat grease, you drip it on a piece of crusty bread and when all the fat is out of it, you eat the Speck with onion. (Where's my cholesterol pills?) Type your paragraph here.

a) Use smoking wood as firewood eg. Ironbark , Red Gum, Stringybark etc. Cook food on grill with a large inverted disposable tinfoil roasting tray covering food and capturing smoke. Can also use clean steel Rubbish bin lid!  
b) Portable foldup Fish Smokers can be placed on the campfire grill with Wood Chips or Pellets placed below a rack, with fish on it. Some have metho burners that operate without a campfire. 
c) Place a thin stainless steel or aluminium pot with Wood Chips or Pellets on grill, insert rack with elevated legs above them and sit meat or fish on it, place lid on it to ensure smoldering. 
d) 'BLOWTORCH FISH': Clean and splay open fish chest with a stick and hang on wire through the gills. Use our portable Butane Blowtorch to sear and cook it for 2 mins on each side. 


34  WOK SMOKING TEST on gas camp stove using Apple Sawdust. WOK SMOKING is quick and can be done at home on the kitchen gas stove, or out camping on a butane cooker to enjoy smoked fish on hols.
- Place a sheet of tinfoil on Wok base.
- Pour 1 cup of good smoker sawdust on tinfoil and spread out.
- Place cake cooling rack or inverted small collander on sawdust.
- spray it with non stick canola oil.
- Lay fish skin side down.
- Turn gas to Med to High heat to get Sawdust smoldering,.
- Place Wok Lid on with vent open to let smoke out, or invert another smaller wok on top, the smoke will escape around the edges of the lid. You must let smoke out or it will go bad and drip black creosote on the fish.
- Lower heat but keep Wok hot enough to ensure Sawdust keeps smoking.
- Fish should be 'fall apart' cooked and Golden in 60-90 mins. Thinner fillets work better. Thick fish needs more direct heat.

37 Test of hanging a Pork Belly sideways in a PIT BARREL SMOKER to render out the fatty inner layer.
Great Result! Cooked in 3 hrs on our Red Gum Charcoal and SWEETnSMOKEY CAJUN Rub, and InkBird bluetooth temp probes alerted my mob when Pork 63c temp reached. 

Just used 1 bar to hang Meat so I had easy access to drop in Apple and Cherry Chunks and add extra charcoal. Used 1/2 basket charcoal under to meat for the 1st 2hrs smoking, then added charcoal to fill basket to finish cook. Started charcoal with electric FIRE ROD. Also removed swinging round bottom vent cover. Stuck Inkbird probes in after 2 hrs. PIT BARREL worked very well in high winds.

- Restaurant Chefs smoke meats in the commercial kitchens very simply. They spread woodchips or pellets on the base of a large roasting pan, put a grill rack with legs over them, then place meat or fish on rack and cover with tinfoil. Cook in oven on high for 20-25 mins, the rest for 5 mins, to smoke bake fine restaurant quality food!

- A Chef friend then puts the roasting pan in a fridge for 5 mins, to cool it a little and to infuse smoke further into the fish, then serves it.   
- 'Sweers Fishing Adventures' Fishing Lodge customer Cook has another trick: " We don’t run a big smoker as it is a one-cook kitchen and simply no time for that, we just do a simple ‘boutique warm smoke” where we have an old wok, line it with alfoil, sprinkle 2 cups of sawdust on that, sit an old cake rack on top, pop lid on and smoke slowly for 15-20 mins. We slice the fish into small pieces about 1cm thick and soak it in a mix of soy sauce/water for 20 mins to act as the ‘brine’ then pat it dry and smoke it – Yummy warm for lunch or cold later with beer! " 

Did you know you can smoke good oils like Olive or Rice Bran Oil, and also water, for use in an atomizer spray, to later spray smokey flavour onto salads, veggies, baked potatoes, or meats! Stores for months. Fry nuts with smoked oil and honey, for a great beer snack.
1 Add oil or water, to shallow baking pans or tinfoil trays.
3  Smoke with lots of Australian smoking product like Vic Ash, Grey Box, Red Gum, Ironbark etc.
4  Also add Rosemary cuttings and garlic into the trays of oil.
5  Smoke up for several hours, all day if you can.
6 When cooled, sediments settle to bottom. Store in glass jar.
For use as an atomizer spray:
-  Pour into atomizer spray bottle, spray on green salads, veggies, or on meats in the smoker to prevent them drying out.
- Great for frying up BBQ onions. Also toss some (spare?) beer on, to caramelize onions.
- Spray in a wok or fry pan, for a smokey stir fry.
- Spray on meat spinning on a spit, to prevent it drying out.
For use as Smoked oil marinade with seafood marinara, or prawns:-
-  Place seafood marinara on shallow cooking tray with ½” of smoked oil.
-  Smoke it for 1 hr on around 150f.
-  Stir and turn over seafood bits after 30 mins to prevent drying out. Don't overcook. 
- Drain tray and serve.  mmmm tasty.  
For use as a gravy base for 'TURKEY' gravy (no real turkey):-
- Pour smoked oil to saucepan.
- Add some cooking tray fat and liquid from any grilling meat.
- Add a chicken stock cube AND a beef cube - hence making a 'turkey' flavour. 
- Add salt and  pepper.
- Add flour and whisk to a roux/ dry mash paste, to soak up oil.
- Add cool water (hot water makes it gluggy), and stir into a smooth gravy . 
  Use above gravy as a base to make:-  
        -  Seafood sauce - add boiled frozen prawns, scallops etc.
        -  Pepper sauce - add lots of cracked pepper.
        -  Curry sauce - add curry powder.
        -  Mustard sauce - add your favourite mustard.

A Customer who is a Meat Scientist, suggests the optimum Temp for meats with connective tissue like Pork or Briskets, is 90 Celsius. The connective tissues start breaking down in the 70C-80C (158F-176F) range, at 90C (194F) the meats pull apart easily.
Customer Mountain Mick, says that 95c is best for Blade Roast pumped with marinade, at this temp the meat falls apart. 
Meats suffer a TEMPERATURE STALL in the 60-70C range and takes several hours to break through it, this is the period where evaporative cooling takes place, the meat's secreting juices effectively cool it. You can speed up the STALL by taking the meat out and wrapping it in PINK BUTCHER PAPER, you can add extra Rub or BBQ sauce at this time, then return it to the Smoker.   

BEEF: Med 57°C/135F    Well Done 66-68°C/154F   
96°C205F must be jelly like when fork probing, wrap at 74C/165F.  BEEF RIBS: 92C/198F
CHICKEN: 75°C/165F
LAMB:  Med 60-66/151F    Well Done 71°C/160F
PORK:  Med 71°C/160F  Well Done 77°C/171F.   PORK RIBS:  95C/203F  PULLED PORK 94°C/201F 
FISH: Med 63°C /145F   
VENISON: 55C/131F - 60C/140F   KANGAROO: Med Rare 57°C/135°F Med 65C/149F

26 Marinade Syringe Injecting Tips
- Fill Syringe by retracting the plunger to suck up the solution through the needle.
- To avoid overfill squirts, withdraw needle as marinade fills the meat. Use your other hand to cover injection hole to prevent squirts shooting out.
- Clean out a blocked needle by boiling it.
- Inject our MOIST Hydration Salts or any other Brine, to add moisture to LownSlow meats to tenderize and prevent drying out on long cooks.
- Pump in your favourite Marinade, Red Wine, Bush Honey, or BBQ sauce into meats and produce the tastiest moist roasts you have ever had!
- Inject vodka into a watermelon for a great cocktail.
- For over 18's: Inject vodka into "Prima" cartons then a dab of hot glue over the hole, take to the Footy etc.
- Inject vodka into oranges and freeze them for the Footy!
- Pump Cherry Smoke into a Bourbon bottle for tasty Smoked Bourbon.
- Inject Roasts with Port or Sherry for juicy meat.
- Pump tomato sauce into meat pies.
- Squirt chocolate in swirly motion into Marble Cake batter just prior to cooking.
- Injecting Tips for chook meat: Limit the puncture holes, puncture directly into the centre of the meat. Carefully and slowly inject along the grain of the meat aiming the injector into the middle of the meat and reduce plunger pressure on liquid as the needle comes nearer the surface of the meat so meat can close up behind the needle. Do not pull the needle completely out of the puncture hole unless to reload with liquid. Use the same hole to angle into the other areas of the meat, slowing infusing flavour as the needle moves back toward the meat surface. The object is to spread your injection pattern, to get small amounts of flavour in as many places as possible. Occasionally, some of the liquid is likely to spurt out on the meat surface. Rub the marinade over the meat and then cover in a dry Rub.
- Inject Brining solution deep into large chunks of meat and around the bone of a leg or a shoulder cut, as these can go off if the brine soak doesn't get in.
- Microwave warm butter and 'squirt mustard' and inject into a chunk of Pork before smoking or baking in the house oven.
- Inject 'squirt mustard' and smokey BBQ sauce into the centre of a stuffed burger before cooking it.
- Tie a whole chicken tightly shut and inject it full of orange juice, or beer if you can spare it!
- Use your Marinade Injector to suck up meat roast juices and inject it back into the meat. (Chef's trick).
- Inject Beef Short Ribs with dark ale & fine dissolved steak rub.
- Remove some of the hot liquid from a pork pie to stop it overflowing onto the Pastry and to make room for injecting Gelatine filling.
- Inject Brandy into cooking apples before baking and serving with custard or ice cream.
- Inject Brandy into cooking apples then leave them overnight. Later core and cut into  pieces & slow roast and serve on pork.
- Inject Port or Sherry into beef roasts to tenderize and break down the meat when it cooks.