​- Buy Corned Beef Silverside from Aldi, Tasman, etc.
- Rinse off and submerge meat for 1 hr to remove the salty Brine. 
​- Take out and slice off fat and silverside skin.
- Mix MOIST MUSTARD BOMB with water in 1 to 6 ratio ie. 1 measure of powder to 6 measures water. 
- Inject meat thoroughly till it won't take any more.
- Mix 1 part CHARCOAL GUNPOWDER RUB with 3 parts or more of CRACKED PEPPER in a large bowl. 
- Roll the injected Corned Beef in the Mix.
- Place meat in BBQ Smoker and Smoke like a Brisket around 12 hrs at around 120C.
- Wrap meat in PINK BUTCHER PAPER at 65C/150F internal meat temp, to prevent meat drying out and to continue Smoking.
- Cook to 82C/180F internal meat temp and rest 1hr in another layer of Pink Butcher Paper or place a towel on top. Pastrami is best sliced and served cold the next day.
- Slice very thin. Serve plain, or cover slices in Mustard or White Bechamel Sauce.

Texans love using wood fire in their big Offset Smokers, but this only works well in a very large heavy iron smoker, smaller Offsets have the wood fire too close to the food chamber making it very difficult to manage a good balance of smoke and heat, no smoke in fire!

- Make a large mound of our rectangular shaped chunky Gidgee lump charcoal or if you have a grate with small holes use our hot IRONBARK as it is very hot but in smaller pieces.
- Start the base of the mound with a hot air gun like our FIRE ROD.
- Place a couple APPLE LOGS next to the mound so they smolder but not catch fire.
​- When Cooking temp gets to 220F/104C, restrict the air by reducing the opening of the air vents, this will slow the mound to go for 10hrs.  
* Charcoal is your heat, wood is your 'smoke marinade'. Regulate your heat by controlling the airflow. More air = more heat. 

See David from BIG D'S BBQ TEAM explain how to use Gidgee Charcoal and Apple Logs instead of a Texas Stick Fire:

45 How to turn cheap Woolworths Beef Snags into Gourmet Sausages
The 2 kg pack of thin skinless Beef Sausages from Woolworths also contain Lamb, which enables them to easily absorb our sweet flavoursome air dried Cherry Wood smoke.
- Place a small pile of IRONBARK Charcoal against the left wall of your Smoker.
- Start the base of the coal mound with a heat gun or our FIRE ROD in 1 minute.
- Place a CHERRY CHUNK on each side of the mound to smolder as a 'smoke marinade' to your sausages. Smoke for just over an hour.
- The pics below show how easy it is to smoke the Woolies Beef and Chicken Sausages on an old Hard Rubbish Weber on reusable FROGMAT mesh.

To feed a dozen teenagers for $12: smoke a 2kg pack of the Beef Sausages, fry up Beer Glazed Onions in a frypan using sliced onions, spare beer & brown sugar. Place smoked snag diagonally on cheap White Bread & cover with Glazed Onions, then sprinkle Chipotle BBQ Sauce on top.

48 Try smoking STUFFED BURGERS:
- Flatten out a 50/50 Pork/Beef, or Regular Beef Mince patty thin.
- Place cooked bacon, garlic, onion, jalapeno, cheese etc on top.
- Flatten another pattyand place on top, and pinch outside edges to seal it.
- Smolder 2 ANCIENT RED GUM SMOKER CHUNKS next to charcoal for a sweet Hickory like smoke flavour.
- Smoke the burger to 71C internal, probe the meat, not the soft centre.
N.B. The cheese usually leaks out if you Fry or Grill it, but Hot Smoking for 60-90mins keeps it whole with no leaks. 

​See how easy it is to open a woven plastic Charcoal or Firewood bag without fraying, by using a cheap Blowtorch. The sliced opening cauterises and melts the frayed ends, no more plastic strands falling into your charcoal.

46 How to tenderize Steak and other Meats so you can cut them with a Fork!

a)  MEATSOFT is used to soak Brine steaks, chops, venison, etc so that they hydrate with moisture and become tender. They are comprised of our flavoured Hydration Salts MOIST MEAT BOMB and 3 powerful Fruit Enzyme Extracts: Kiwi Fruit, Pineapple and Papaya which is designed for short term 60-90min Brining of Steaks and Chops. No MSG.
Inject large chunks of meat like Brisket with MOIST MEAT BOMB.
​Pork for pulled pork can be injected with MOIST and a sweet marinade, the Boss uses Woolies Orange Mango juice. 

b)  We also import Fajita Steak Seasoning, it is a basic spice and tenderizer as it contains Papaya enzyme and Koji mushroom bacteria extracts, they combine to act as a super tenderizer, it also contains MSG to soften meats. Just sprinkle it on top of steaks, chops, schnitzels etc and leave it for 10 mins, then cook..

c) Chinese Restaurants brine beef strips in Milk, Egg Whites, MSG, and a little Baking Powder.

d) A Chef Mate sprinkles Baking Powder on steaks just before cooking, as a tenderizer, but don't use too much as it can taste metallic.

​Make a Pork Tower Tacos Al Pastor with a Bundt cake tin, a raw potato and some non slip skewers. 
Why buy a USD$100 TROMPO KING vertical meat skewer pan? 

- Slice thin Pork Shoulder schnitzels.
- Marinate/Brine schnitzels overnight in MOIST MEAT BOMB & water to hydrate, tenderize and flavour the meat. 
- Take out of Marinade/Brine and shake FAJITA SEASONING on both sides of each slice, it contains Papaya fruit extract, for a natural enzyme meat tenderizer, it also acts as a digestive enzyme for your gut. It also contains kōji, which is a food fungus used in Japan to ferment soybeans for making soy sauce. The combination of Papaya enzyme with Japanese kōji bacteria fungus, creates a super natural meat tenderizer.
- Stack meats over hole.
- At half high, stick a non slip skewer through to the potato and snap off top of skewer, for initial support.
- Horizontally pierce meat stack with skewers level to top of pan so they rest on shoulder of tin to balance Tower.
- Continue to stack meats to full height. 
- Place strips of meat on cross support skewers to further stabilize Tower.
- Carve a fresh Pineapple and place a big chunk on top. Pineapple acts as a tenderizer and digestive enzyme for your gut.
- Spear a non slip skewer through pineapple all the way down into the potato.
- Skewer smaller pineapple chunks on sides at a 45 degree angle downwards, for extra structural stability.   

Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Fajita Seasoning is a flavourful blend of salt, garlic, onion, and Mexican-style spices that will have your mouth watering in no time. This Mexican Fajita seasoning was around long before White Lightning Double Garlic Rub! 
This Rub is surprisingly tasty with loads of flavour and some heat, it makes meats buttery soft like garlic butter was spread on it.

Make your own STEAKSOFT (discontinued) by adding GUNPOWDER RUB to MEATSOFT for great REVERSE SEARED RUMP STEAK
- Brine 45-60 mins, rinse off and pat dry. 
- Smoke offset to low heat for 1.5hrs
- Finish off by searing over high heat 1 min each side.
- Rest 1 min and FORK CUT !


No need to inject and moisten a heavily marbled Brisket like Wagyu, as the buttery fat lines self baste the meat. But you can achieve a similar result with cheaper 2+ Marble Brisket from Costco or meatonline.com.au if you Inject it with MOIST MEAT BOMB flavoured hydration salts and a good Beef Broth, this produces a Moist tender meat that is easier to digest as it is less oily and rich than marbled  Wagyu.
The below Clip is of a Taste Test of  2GR 9+ Wagyu from Vics Meats. Rubbed with Gunpowder Rub and smoked overnight in Pit Boss Pellet cooker with Lumberjack MHC Pellets. No need to inject the marbled meat. Wrapped in Pink Butcher Paper T 71C/160F then taken to 96C/205F, and rested with a 2nd wrap of Pink Butcher Paper for 2hrs.
Tasted great, but surprisingly the Family prefers the standard 2+ Marble Brisket that we inject with MOIST MEAT BOMB and BRISKET MOP, as the Wagyu was too rich to eat too much of ($rich pun intended). Slicing the Brisket Clip

                                                                              THE BOSS'S SMOKING TIPS
How to BBQ Smoke is as easy as tossing WOOD CHUNKS on coals in the Weber, partially close vents, so wood will smolder,  not burn up. Don't restrict air flow too much as bad thick white smoke will generate. See Creosote notes in Smoking Techniques Page. Think of BBQ Smoke as a Marinade, pick a wood to flavour your meats, see Wood Matrix Chart at bottom of Home Page. Smoke Meats, Snags, Fish, Seafood Marinara, Peeled Prawns, Spuds, Veggies, Bread Rolls..
(Tip for this doc: CTRL F - for Find command box to search for a word)

Make a DIY cheap simple BBQ Smoker. Save your hard earned money for the Meats and booze:-
- 44 gal drum with a hard rubbish weber lid & 2 internal weber grates sitting on bolts drilled through three sides.
- Fit solid handles on each side, or drill 2 holes and insert hardwood pole through sides.  

- Cut out top and bottom inside rim edge.
- Start good Lump Charcoal fire in ground or in fire grate with Our FIRE ROD electric charcoal starter in 1-2 mins.
- Place 2 Wood Chunks on or next to Coals to smolder, move away from heat if they catch fire.
- Lift drum and sit on fire, lift off to adjust fire and add charcoal, or to take out meats easily. 
- Cut little flap door on bottom of side, to draw air and to chuck Wood Chunks or fresh charcoal in.

1 Make perfect pork crackling by using a Hot Air paint stripper Heat gun or our new FIRE ROD, skin bubbles up like rice bubbles and goes crispy in seconds.
2 Use our FIRE ROD to easily start your charcoal, simply hold against charcoal for 1 minute... easy. also perk up added charcoal with the Heat Gun, or melt cheese on burgers and Nachos. For bigger jobs like starting a Bonfire or drying your car or motorcycle, use the Leaf Blower!
Use our $20 blowtorch for starting charcoal, or scorching meat to finish it off. Also good for  burning out cobwebs out of big smokers and for burning sticky black Creosote Tar off the inside, burn it off  then scrape off crust. The kids use it to toast Bread or Buns.
4 Use a Charcoal Chimney to start charcoal with 3 firelighters or scrunched paper under it, then pour the hot coals into your cooker. Bunnings sells a 1ltr bottle of non toxic Diggers Fire starter smokeless gel liquid which also works well.   
5 Start smoking with very low heat and lots of smoke, but open vent and let it out, note that Cold Smoke is OK as white smoke, the thin Blue Smoke requires heat. A pile of Sawdust dumped on a few hot coals creates lots of initial cold smoke. Cold smoke fully penetrates meat. Add charcoal and Wood Chunks to cook/hot smoke later.
6 Smoke cold, wet, or marinated meats, as they absorb smoke better. Spray or baste meat to keep it absorbing smoke.
7 Make smokey BBQ sauce by adding some bottled 'Liquid Smoke' and thick Kecap Soy Sauce, to a big jug of Woolworths BBQ sauce.
Place pizzas on a large unglazed clay or stone tile in your BBQ for great toasted pizza bases. Cook 11 mins at 425f. Imitates expensive pizzas cooked in a wood fired clay oven !  Add some of our Red Gum and Rosemary Sawdusts in a smoker can on a gas burner, or a tinfoil Burrito on coals with fork holes in top, for extra flavour!
9 Supply an open can of water in smoker to add humidity to the smoke and help it stick to the meat, but is not needed if Injecting.
10 To test if the your meat is smoked enough, place some small  meat pieces in the smoker with your other meat, they will cook quicker. Take one out later for tasting, if not smoked enough, smoke longer and taste test later..     
11 Inject marinades, brine, Port, Sherry, or thin BBQ sauce, into large meat chunks. See Marinade Injecting Tips section in Smoking Techniques Page. 
12 Place baking paper on BBQ hot plate for a clean fresh cooking surface, spray with Canola Cooking Spray can, you can cook for gluten free friends or vegetarians by simply changing the paper. Prevents chicken satay sticks from sticking to the stainless steel Council BBQ's. You can even fry eggs on it. Put baking paper on your large office Sandwich Press to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast!
13 Make great skewers from thin bamboo branches.
14 Add reddish colour to Pork or other meats by smoking with smoldering Red Box Chunks.
     * Smoking with dried corn cobs creates a dark Red/Black smoke colour on Foods. 
     * Smoking with dried yellow corn kernels creates a Yellow smoke colour for foods like fatty Hungarian Pork Speck.
15 Smoke pork bones, and freeze for later use. Boil them with your home made pea soup or baked beans. Ask the butcher to bone out your pork leg for Pulled Pork, then smoke the meat and also the bones.
16 Smoke and freeze chicken drumsticks in ziplock bags, for a great snack later. Apple Chunks on charcoal creates great moist tasty smoked drumsticks or chicken breast fillets. 
17 Use your hooded BBQ as a Fish Smoker, smoke Trout in 30 mins with Red Gum or Cherry Chunks on charcoal. Smoked Trout tastes like Smoked Salmon, for 1/4 of the cost. Sit fish on a canola sprayed pizza tray with holes or use one of our Grill Topper Smoker Trays. For Gas BBQ, use Pellets or Sawdust in a Smoker box/can, or sit a Wood Chunk between a burner and the wall and put that burner on low to smolder Chunk.  Use the Grill Topper Smoker Tray as a 2nd level on your Grill by sitting it on 2 solid bricks on their side.
18 Hot Smoke/cook convict Damper Bread in your BBQ with Black Wattle Chunks  on coals.
19 Never pre soak wood chips as it washes out flavour oils and cools your charcoal, partially close vents to restrict air in the BBQ to smolder them into that sought after blue (grey) BBQ Smoke, and to prevent Chips catching fire. If they catch fire, close vents for a min.
20 Put out flash fat fires on Spit rotisserie meats, with water spray atomiser bottle. Spray Apple Juice on Rotisserie meats to prevent Spit Roasts from drying out, shake extra Rubs on the wet meat for more flavour.
21 Spray Apple Juice on smoldering smoking sawdust to sweeten it and prevent it catching fire. Spray Ginger Beer or Apple Juice on Pork Ribs, or Roast meats, to sweeten and prevent the meat drying out.  
22 Warm up and add smoke flavour to your bread rolls by  putting them in your BBQ smoker! 
23 Apple Wood Chunks create moist 'blue smoke' to dry meats like Beef Roasts. You could combine Apple Chunks with other flavoured Chunks to create a moist tasty smoke. Apple & Yellow Box for Lamb. Apple, Cherry & Red Box for Ham. Apple & Black Wattle for Beef. 
24 Our Crushed Walnut Shells add a nutty flavour to chicken Satay Sticks. Mix with sawdust in a tinfoil Burrito on coals, or add to base of a sawdust smoker tin on a gas BBQ, to help sawdust smolder and not crust up and stop smoking prematurely.
25 Brush mild American mustard, or honey, onto meat to make Rub seasonings stick.
26 Smoke olive oil for spraying on salads, or to make a smokey marinade, or for a great gravy base. See Point 17 in Smoking Techniques Page 
27 Smoked Saveloys taste like expensive smoked sausage: 'Hot Smoke' plain Saveloys with Red Ironbark for 30mins @ 75C, then leave for 30 mins to cool. Tastes like expensive Polish smoked sausage.  Slice up thin for Pizzas!
28 Add Coke to BBQ sauce Mops (bastes) for a great glazing effect. 
29 Use your Charcoal Chimney Starter as a mini BBQ, see pic in Customer BBQ Pics Page.
30 Cheap seasoning for Chicken Wings and spuds: Safeway Home Brand French Onion Soup. Shake onto Wings generously. 
31 Clean BBQ wire grate with a large cheap $2 Bunnings wire brush. They are in paint section or Tool Shop.
32 CAMP BLOWTORCH FISH: Clean and splay open fish chest with a stick and hang on wire through the gills. Use our portable Butane Blowtorch to sear and cook it for 2 mins on each side. Shake on our Smoked Cherry Salt and serve.

1 tbsp olive oil
2 large onions, diced
1.5 tbsp chopped garlic
1/2 cup brown sugar
1.5 ltrs ketchup or tomato sauce
1.5 cups molasses
1 tbsp mustard powder
2/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp of our ground SMOKED HOT or SMOKED MILD CHILLI'S.
Salt & Pepper to taste (use our Smoked Salt).
Heat oil and cook onions until soft and translucent.  Add garlic and stir until soft, then add sugar.  When sugar is completely mixed and begins to melt, add the rest of the ingredients, stirring well after each addition.  Simmer for at least an hour, stirring occasionally.  Taste to adjust seasonings.  Sauce is done when it is thick and deep in mahogany colour. Brush on uncooked ribs, later serve extra on the side, for dipping.

34 Make your own Liquid Smoke:
Yellow Creosote is the main component of commercially available preparations of ‘Liquid Smoke’. It is used to add smokey flavour to meat and aid as a preservative,  you can dip foods into a diluted bowl of it or simply use an atomizer to spray it on foods and salads.  
Make your own Liquid Smoke by adding a T piece to the outlet pipe of a Cold Smoke Generator like Smokai or Big Daddy. Dip the hose going into your Smoker so the T piece is at a low point, add a 1ft pipe to the bottom of the T piece and cap the end so you don't lose blow pressure. Condensation moisture and creosote will collect in the pipe. Remove the cap once in a while to drain the creosote into a can. Boil reduce the watery creosote to 50% of it's volume and you will have pure Liquid Smoke! 

35 Hot Buffalo Wings (chicken wings):
Brush wings with a blend of melted butter and a few drops of Tabasco Sauce, then shake on our JAMAICAN JERK RUB for crispy fantastic butt burner golden Hot Buffalo Wings.

36 LAMB FAT MOP - Tip from Chef mate Josh:
When cooking Lamb, scrape off the fat and simmer it with Garlic and a good Vegetable Oil, stir in one of our tasty Rubs, then store it in the fridge or freezer in little tubs. Brush/Mop it over all meats to add golden brown colour & flavour and to prevent them drying out.  Especially good on burgers & steaks!


- Trim excess fat off the Brisket.
- Mix 2/3 cups MOIST MEAT BOMB with 4 cups water and shake in our logo 1ltr Protein Shaker.
- Inject both sides of the Brisket until it can't take any more.
- Shake a heavy coating of JAMAICAN JERK RUB on both sides, then top it with GUNPOWDER. Do lean side first, then turn over fat side up and do same. Aaron Franklin says cook fat cap up so fat and juices marinate the meat. 
- Place in Smoker or BBQ, fatty layer on top.
- Cook at 105C/220F or higher, for 10-12hrs. For an Easy overnight cook so you can sleep through most of the 12hrs, smoke for 5-6hrs till 74C/165F internal temp, then wrap in Butcher Paper and put in Kitchen oven at 110C for 12-16hrs until 96C/205F reached. When you wake up, adjust oven temp - or + to reach eating deadline.
- At 74C/165F internal temp, wrap in single layer of Butcher Paper and put back in Smoker to continue smoking through the breathable paper, this breaks the 2hr Stall and cranks up the internal temp while keeping the Bark dry.
- Take out when all Probes reach min 96C/205F, wrap in more Butcher Paper and towel and Rest for 1hr, or just turn off cooker and leave the meat in there for an hr.
PELLET COOKER METHOD: Use Lumberjack Competition Pellets or similar, combined with a Cold Smoking device like our Wedgie or Smoking Barrel to add extra flavour and Smoke Ring.
CHARCOAL METHOD: Smolder an Apple Chunk & Australian Oak Chunk next to our LownSlow Ironbark, Gidgee or Mallee Root Lump Charcoal, replace Wood Chunks every 2 hrs.
GAS BBQ METHOD: Sit 1 or 2 Wood Chunks on a separate Burner, or wedged between gas a burner & BBQ wall, or on gas diffuser plate or lava rocks. Smolder Chunks on that Burner with low heat and use other Burners to cook.

- Puree or mush up and mix in a fresh Kiwi Fruit - breaks down tough meat and silver skin membranes.
- Pinch of baking soda - amplifies enzymes of the Kiwi Fruit.
- Add Vinegar - standard meat tenderiser.
- Brine/soak meat overnight.
These 3 ingredients combine to tenderise tough meat into slices that a toothless man can enjoy!

- Injected with MOIST MEAT BOMB for tender juicy tasty meat.
- Covered both sides with DALMATION RUB.
- Roll and secured it tight with non-slip skewers.
- Smoked offset on right side of Kamado, with Ironbark Lump Charcoal and smoldering Apple & Black Wattle Chunks on left.
- 12hrs later 95C.
- Result was tightly bound rolled meat that glued itself together into a tasty layered Roast. Removed skewers and sliced end.
- Slices showed a swirl of Rub inside. Magnificent Brisket!