Turn pork into Honey Glazed Smoked Ham:
-         Buy 2 large pork legs at Markets, ask for bone and skin to be removed.
-         If doing whole legs with bone, you need to Inject the Brine into the meat and especially around the bone so all of it gets cured.
-         Take home and cut off most of the fat.
-         Slice into smaller chunks, big chunks won't cure all the way through and need to be injected.
-         Prepare and clean large plastic container for Brine (eg. 10 ltr white bucket from Bunnings).
        - Prague #1 Powder or Pink Salt (1 teaspoon to 3kgs of pork, or 3kgs of pork & Brine weighed together)
         - 1 cup brown sugar
        - 2 tsp crushed garlic
        - 2 tsp black pepper corns or SMOKED BLACK PEPPERCORNS
        - 2 tsp cloves or Clove Powder
        - add a little Red Wine or Port if you can spare it ! 
        - Stir all ingredients into a brine.
        - Drop pork chunks in and cover with brine and ensure they are submerged.
          Easiest way to keep pork submerged is to use a large ziploc bag in the bucket and squeeze air out and seal bag.
          To brine a whole pig or lamb, inject it and brine it in a HUGE BRINER BAG, supported in a large tub or bucket.
       - Keep in spare fridge for 10 days…
10 days later, white pork becomes pink ham.
-  Tip out brine, rinse chunks thoroughly and fill with fresh water and soak Hams for 30 mins to get all the salt out.
-  Prepare large bowl with 1 small jar of honey, and 1 small jar of Molasses  or the cheaper but similar Treacle, and 1 small bottle of cheap maple syrup, 2 tsp crushed garlic, 1kg brown sugar, 2 tsp cracked pepper, ½ tsp oregano.
-  Roll chunks in mixture and place in deep oven trays lined with tinfoil.
-  Heat smoker to around 107C/225F
-  Place on upper tray in smoker, turn/baste meat over every 1-2 hrs to ensure it doesn’t dry out. 
- Toss a combo smoke marinade of Wood Chunks on the coals: APPLE CHUNKS for moist meat, CHERRY CHUNKS for sweetness and RED BOX CHUNKS for country flavour and reddish colouring.
-  Fill large baked bean tin with water for moisture, and place near coals. 
   The water increases humidity, moist smoke sticks  to meat more readily.
-  Smoke for approx. 8 - 10 hrs till internal meat temp reaches 63C/145F
-  mmmmmmmmmm   Best Honey Glazed Ham in town !  Friends will beg for more.
N.B.   Cold wet meat absorbs more smoke.

Prague Powder #1, the most common fast acting curing salt. It is approximately 94% plain old salt with approximately 6% sodium nitrite, some anticaking agents, and a tiny bit of red dye. The red dye is not for the meat, it turns the salt pink so you don't mistake it for regular salt or sugar in your pantry. It is not the same thing as Himalayan pink salt or Prague Powder #2. Prague Powder #2 and some other curing salts contain nitrates (with an a) which can form nitrosamines which can be carcinogenic under Certain circumstances, it is used for long cures over weeks or months. We offer Pague #1 in 200g bags.