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We supply to Restaurants, Shops & the Public via our great online prices. 
How to BBQ Smoke is Easy, We'll Show You How!  Smoke marinading your meat adds much more flavour than smoked BBQ sauce.

Pickup of sms/email/Store orders avail from our Carrum Downs Factory by appointment: sms Terry 0431 210 997

Are you fed up with only finding Hickory, Mesquite and other expensive corporate smoking products for your BBQ ? We have the answer. WE are producing a fresh variety of Australian BBQ Smoking products in Australia.

When you go to a BBQ Shop, ask:
But, where's the Aussie stuff mate ?

Australian Manufacturer of BBQ Smoking Wood Products Accessories Melbourne Supplier of Pure Chemical Free Lump Grill Smoker Charcoals for BBQ Spit & Rotisseries Blues Hog Sauce Wood Chips  Chunks  Smoker   Sawdusts Rubs Kosmos Q Prague #1 Meat Cure Salt DIY Smoked and Cured Meats Lumberjack Pellets Oren Pink Butcher Paper Cold Smokers Marinade Injector Gun Fire Rod Electric Charcoal Starter cheaper than 
Looftlighter  Make LownSlow Brisket Pulled Pork  succulent & tender with MOIST
®BBQ Brine Injection 

Our new FIRE ROD 2000w Electric Charcoal Fire Starter has arrived:- FIRE ROD VIDEO REVIEW
 How to start a Wood Heater fire in 60 secs with a FIRE ROD Electric Charcoal Starter
​How to start dense QLD GIDGEE LUMP CHARCOAL in 90 secs with a FIRE ROD!

​Learn from a famous U.S. Pitmaster: KOSMO from Kosmo's Q:- BBQ SMOKING TRAINING VIDEOS
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Learn from BBQ Smoker Guru Aaron Franklin! BBQ with Franklin TV Episodes Link  

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